The cheesiest cheeseburger, chipotle tempeh heaven at Rayen and a "top everything" chickpea stew

It's Monday and you know what that means! It's time for our weekly blog series From our Kitchen Table, where I show you some of the yummy meals we cooked and ate throughout the past week. I hope you get inspired and that some of these ideas make their way into your kitchen. It was a busy week at Brownble since we've been filming and getting all our yummy Thanksgiving recipes lined up for you! We also got a chance to have a bit of fun this week seeing a ton of old friends and going out to dinner to our favorite vegan spot in Madrid, Rayen Vegano. One of the greatest gems of our city. Ready for some vegan eats? Here we go!...

Our favorite breakfasts

It wouldn't be our weekly blog series without some overnight oats. By now you've probably guessed that these are practically a daily ritual at our house. I loved the toppings this week since I mixed things up a little. These had sliced banana, raspberries, walnuts and coconut flakes. If you're a member of our online program you can find this recipe in your breakfast and brunch section!

This simple bowl of granola, walnuts and fruit really hit the mark this week. I added some pineapple and banana chunks, a sprinkle of rolled oats and a splash of almond milk. So quick to make and super filling,

Our favorite lunches

Out of all my daily salads this week, this one was by far my favorite. It was one of those days in which I had just a little of this and a little of that in the fridge and all that really made sense was to whip up a salad. This one had romaine lettuce, chopped tomato and cucumber, avocado, red grapes, and a grainy mustard, agave and lemon dressing. It was the perfect salad! 

This quick chickpea stew was so delicious we had it on everything this week and when it was gone we made a second batch! I had cooked chickpeas from scratch at the beginning of the week in a flavorful broth with some garlic, bay leaves and other aromatics so what I did was take some of those beans and the broth and made them into this quick "stew". I started it off by sautéing some onions and then added the chickpeas, a little cumin, sea salt and pepper, then some of the broth I had cooked them in, and cooked this down until it was nice and thick. At the last minute I added some fresh chopped tomatoes and a ton of chopped fresh parsley. I let that cook for just 2 minutes, only to warm the tomatoes but not completely cook them, It was beyond delicious! We topped rice, quinoa and even spaghetti with our chickpea stew this week. 


Yup! This happened at home this week! I wanted something quick and super satisfying so I tried out a new store-bought veggie burger from Vegetalix which was amazing, and melted some Divina Teresa coconut based gouda style cheese on top. It was the ultimate cheeseburger! I made some oven fries to go with the burgers too. I'm always testing out new ways to make fries in the oven, but our traditional method of making crispy oven potato wedges still produces the best results without any deep frying.

A bit of the burger and oven fries process...

Our favorite dinners


Whenever Carlos comes into the kitchen and asks me "What's for dinner?" and I stay quiet and just smile, he knows it's one of two things. Either I'm making my avocado pesto pasta with grilled mushrooms and greens, or our tofu lettuce cups with a Thai peanut sauce. We're such big fans of this light, yet fun dish, which is perfect when you want to have something filling but very light in the evening. 


On Friday we went to the second anniversary of our favorite restaurant in Madrid, Rayen Vegano. Our home away from home and the incredible creation of our dear friends Noemi and Paulo, where the food keeps getting better and better even though there's no improvement needed! We'll be writing a whole post on Rayen very soon, but you can visit their Facebook page, website and their instagram @rayenvegano to take a look in the meantime. There's no place like it. 

I had their grilled chipotle tempeh on a bed of sweet potatoes, leek purée, caramelized onions, toasted pumpkin seeds and lemony fennel. So good!


Carlos had their famous burger trio on homemade beet buns. Paulo, the executive chef and owner also happens to make the best artisanal vegan breads in town! All the breads they use in the restaurant are made right there and are freshly baked.

Carlos gave me a taste of course. They were scrumptious!

Wait... we still need to show you what we had for dessert!

This week's "oh so sweet" treats

Of course we had dessert at Rayen, we split their famous double layer carrot cake with cream cheese frosting which is my favorite cake at their restaurant. Their cakes are all sweetened naturally, they don't use any sugar, and they always have gluten free and raw desserts on the menu. 

Did I mention the staff and service is as sweet as the carrot cake? We love you Rayen!

Finally the day arrived when we were meant to film the video recipe for the apple strudel you've been seeing me test recently. It's coming next week!

Thanks so much for stopping by today and sitting with us at our kitchen table! I'll see you later this week with our other weekly post which will be all about delicious, healthy and vegan options for Thanksgiving! 

Happy cooking!