Vegan "tequeños", yummy Buddha bowls and the sticky toffee cake disaster!

This was such a busy week over here at Brownble, we've been getting a lot of Thanksgiving content ready for you, and if you haven't seen it yet, we've created a Thanksgiving section with all our favorite videos for making this Thanksgiving the most delicious one yet! We have selected our favorites both from our membership program as well as our youtube channel so there is a little something for everyone! Remember you can also start your free trial for our online program today, just in time for T-Day! We're adding even more videos tomorrow so stay tuned!

Ok so on to this week's grub, straight from our kitchen table to help inspire some of your plant-based meals or options this week. It was a yummy week for us for sure!

Our favorite breakfasts

We had leftovers from our big bread video shoot this past week, so when a friend popped in for coffee, I warmed some up and served it with some berry jam and non-dairy butter and two frothy soy cinnamon lattes. She went nutty! If you haven't seen our video for a delicious and super easy no knead Irish soda bread, here it is below!


You know me! I can't live without my overnight oats! These were topped with blueberries, banana and walnuts, and as you can see, my glass is the "baby" size, since I usually eat several smaller meals (but more frequent) throughout the day. We have our overnight oat video in our breakfast and brunch section for our members! 

Our favorite lunches


Here's one of my favorite tips for when you don't feel like having a salad but you want to get all those wonderful raw veggies in your body: make a salad dressing you just can't resist! For me that means thinning out our Thai peanut sauce which you can watch me making here. Just thin it out with water until you reach a dressing-like consistency. I poured it over a salad of romaine lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, pineapple, cucumber, chickpeas and sesame seeds and served the last slice of our Irish bread next to it. It was beyond delicious!

For lunch throughout the week, nothing makes me happier than a very simple Buddha bowl. I had several this week, but this one was the winner. I made a millet pilaf with lots of garlic and finely minced bell peppers (millet is high in iron and so good for you!), some red beans I had cooked from scratch on Monday, and some steamed broccoli topped with hummus. If you haven't had hummus as a topping for steamed broccoli, you're in for a treat! I'm obsessed!

We've been recipe testing a ton for the Holidays, and this weekend I tested my lentil, nut and mushroom roast with stuffing. Kind of a combination between a "meat" loaf and a hearty, crispy on the outside, filled with stuffing on the inside, holiday roast. Rarely do I get a recipe right on the first try but we just couldn't get enough of this one! I made a cranberry and blueberry balsamic glaze and some mashed potatoes to go with it. We'll definitely be filming this baby soon!

 A little more on the recipe testing and making of the roast (video coming soon!)


Our favorite dinners

If there are any Venezuelans amongst our readers, you probably recognize this photo immediately. You might not know this about me if you're new to the blog, but I was born and raised in Venezuela, where these fried "cheese" filled "tequeños" are at every party, wedding, birthday or any place Venezuelans gather. It is one of the yummiest things of our cuisine, and I set out to veganize them this past week. Normally these have a thick stick of cheese in the center, they're wrapped in dough and then fried. I made them all vegan and they tasted EXACTLY the same! I couldn't believe it. 

Has it been cold where you live? Temperatures have dropped a ton over here lately and that only means one thing: I begin to CRAVE soups and stews like crazy! I made this delicious zucchini and broccoli soup this week and had it with a little quinoa and mushroom sauté on the side for a healthy and light dinner. 

Our favorite sweet treat (and the sticky toffee cake disaster!)

So here's what happened with our sticky toffee cake testing this weekend. As I was taking the first cake out of the oven on Saturday, the cake pan latch opened, and the cake went FLYING BACK INTO THE OVEN, upside down, all over the floor of the oven.

Yes... I almost cried. Yes I need someone to come clean out the oven...

So on Sunday I battled it out again, I was on a mission and it was now personal! I'm happy to report that our sticky toffee date cake, which by the way is full of healthy ingredients, came out like a dream and is ready for filming! I know you want to see a photo of the first one... brace yourselves!

Thanks for sitting down at our kitchen table this week with us! We've got a ton of videos coming your way this week so don't forget to subscribe using the form below and we'll let you know when new content is live!

Happy Monday everyone!