Homemade Irish soda bread, making sausages from scratch and delicious sweet treats

Just as we do every Monday in our "From our Kitchen Table" series, here are our favorite dishes from what we cooked and ate this past week. It was such a busy week here at Brownble, and it was all about testing recipes of staples made completely at home. As part of our membership program at Brownble we include a section called Staples, where we teach you how to make breads, cheeses, vegan meats, sauces, and all those vegan pantry staples that you can buy easily in most places, but that are so simple, inexpensive and enjoyable to make at home. There's literally nothing like the smell of warm, freshly baked bread in the morning, and that was probably the most frequent smell at our house this week since we were making vegan Irish soda bread like there was no tomorrow! Take a look at our favorite vegan eats this week.

Our favorite breakfasts

This was probably our most frequent breakfast this week, some warm slices of freshly baked vegan Irish soda bread with cranberries and hazelnuts, and a cup of coffee, some non-dairy butter and preserves. Few things are as a amazing to me as learning to make your own bread. It's so easy, and especially this one that requires no kneading or rising! It's coming soon to brownble! This will be in our next video shoot. I'm so excited!

It was also a week filled with green smoothies. This one was a kale and coconut smoothie. Just blend together some frozen banana chunks, a few strawberries and coconut flakes (unsweetened), a few leaves of curly kale (or spinach), some soy milk and ice and it's done! Kale adds amazing sweetness to smoothies even though you might not think so. There's no need to sweeten this one, other than adding the fruit.

Our favorite lunches

I had some leftover mashed potatoes and lentils this week, and I´ve been craving shepherd´s pie (one of my family´s classic recipes) since we started having colder weather. The result was a deconstructed crazy version of a shepherd´s pie. Warm and whipped garlic mashed potatoes topped with garlicky brown lentils and an onion and mushroom topping. I didn't have any carrots or peas which are much more traditional, but these did the trick! I simply sautéed them and added a tiny dollop of barbecue sauce to add some spicy sweetness and a nice color to the dish.

Boy am I proud of this one! I was recipe testing my smoky seitan and sun-dried tomato sausages and these are coming along wonderfully! The texture was absolutely perfect, but I do want to kick up the heat a little, so these need a little more testing before we can film them. They were beyond delicious! Seitan is one of the veggie meats (you make it out of wheat gluten) that is most highly packed with protein, and it also happens to be the meatiest! I served the homemade sausages with some grainy mustard, sauerkraut and twice baked potatoes. It was by far our favorite lunch this week!

A bit of that sausage making process...


Our favorite dinners

Cobb salad with tofu bacon, avocado, a creamy dressing... need I say more?

Grilled oyster mushrooms with a little soy sauce, leftover quinoa tossed with some roasted pecans and dried cranberries, and some cooked artichokes with a creamy lemon tarragon sauce for dipping. So yummy! This was my favorite this week, but Carlos went crazy for the cobb!

Our favorite sweet treats

Believe it or not I didn't get to eat this beauty! I made this cinnamon apple strudel for a friend who just had a baby. I went to help out the new mamma a bit and she told me she had been craving desserts, so I made her one of my favorites. This video is coming soon to Brownble too!


If you are a member at Brownble, you know all about one of our latest videos, our maple hazelnut pumpkin cheesecake! We had one piece left over in the freezer (we'll be talking about the freezer and how much it can help you in the kitchen soon!), and it was so good! Perfect for fall.

I hope these inspire you and give you some ideas for your plant-based meals this week!