Pancakes, recipe testing, and getting Holiday ready at Brownble a.k.a CHOCOLATE!

You won't believe how crazy things have been around here. We've been filming non-stop (did you see our brand new Christmas intro and decor?!), which also means that between video shoots there's also some final recipe testing going on, not to mention the fact that we've completely revamped the site so you can have the most user friendly experience at Brownble! Now you can see everything that's new right in the home page! We've made our blog our home page since it really is where you and I get to hang out. We've added a recipe section where both brownble members and people wanting to find out more and cook some of the recipes in our youtube videos can get cooking asap. We've also added a brand new Christmas Recipe section with all our favorite holiday recipes. Keep checking it since we'll be adding much more right up until New Year's! So yes, things have been busy, but not so busy that I can't stop by for our usual Monday date to show you the yummy grub we ate this past week to help inspire some of your meals! We had some yummies...

Our favorite breakfasts

We had a local holiday around here on Tuesday, so I went for an early morning run and then woke Carlos up with the smell of pancakes filling the air. If I had to decide what my very own superpower was, based on everything I know how to do as of this moment, it would be making pancakes, hands down! My superpower can't do much to help save the world, but it makes Carlos happy! These are our fluffy buttermilk pancakes, members, you can find the recipe in your breakfast and brunch section. If you're not a member yet, you can read more about the features of our online program here, and start your free trial today! 

You can never go wrong with the quintessential vegan breakfast, peanut butter and jelly toast. Perfection, especially if you have it with Carlos's specialty: cinnamon soy lattes (the only thing he knows how to "cook", other than work a mean grill in the Summer!).

Pancake prep

Our favorite lunches

This was probably one of my favorite meals this week, a simple stir-fry with sweet and sour tofu. I just stir-fried some veggies (peppers, asparagus, carrots, shitake mushrooms and broccoli) with a little soy sauce, and pan fried the tofu separately with some sweet chili sauce, liquid smoke and tamari soy sauce. So good and it was ready in 5 minutes!

This was a scrumptious kale salad with a lemony tahini dressing, quinoa, tofu, cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes. Here's an easy to follow rule when it comes to salads, combine sautéed smoky tofu, quinoa, kale and tahini and you've got yourself a rockin´salad. I'm obsessed with this combo.

Our favorite dinners

We had a little something to celebrate this week, so we went out for a quick bite to our local Italian restaurant, which we love because our usual waitress who absolutely rocks, always knows our pizzas are sans the cheese, and she's always so sweet about it! On this day however, I had their yummy tomato gnocchi with basil and pine nuts. One of my favorite dishes there, and as luck would have it, their gnocchi are egg-free and totally vegan!

On Saturday we had THE MOST INTENSE video shoot for ya! Which meant that we needed a little R & R that night so we went out to dinner to our favorite vegan restaurant in Madrid, Rayen Vegano. Hubby had their famous vegan burger trio (you can see them in the back there), and I had the most amazing plate of phyllo wrapped seitan over sautéed veggies and a potato and black garlic purée, a wild mushroom sauce and the best thing on this dish, baked apple rounds. Who says vegans eat only salad?! 

This week's "oh so sweet" treat

Does being naughty with food count as points for Santa's naughty list? If so, I'm getting a big bag of coals this Christmas since I completely indulged this week! We had so many goodies, but here are two of our favorites. Both videos are coming your way, and one of them (I'm not saying which one!) is going live this week at brownble so make sure you're signed up to our weekly newsletter below so you can watch it as soon as it's up on the blog!


What scrumptious plant-based goodies did you have this week that really hit the mark?

Share your meal ideas with us in the comments below!