I'm so excited to share this recipe with our Brownble members today. There's really nothing more classic than apple pie. I love how rustic this pie is, it really does transport me to that image of a country house with a pie baked from scratch, cooling on the windowsill. There are many ways to make delicious apple pie, but I want to teach you my favorite method, in which the scrumptious filling is made by just tossing ingredients together and letting the oven do all the work.

The key to this pie is getting that crust nice and flaky, so in the video I'm teaching you the basics of creating flaky crusts from scratch, and you could actually use the same recipe for the crust for making any kind of pie, whether it's sweet or savory. We love this apple pie during the holidays served warm with some non-dairy vanilla ice cream on top, but as with all pies, it's perfect year round too!

Enjoy the video for this delicious vegan apple pie!

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We've also created a brand new Christmas Recipes section for you to have easy access to our favorite recipes for the holidays, right from our home page! Now, without further ado, members enjoy your video in the online program today! 

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