Breakfast toast addiction, stuffed mushrooms, and the best movie snack for dinner

I still can't believe Christmas is almost upon us, not to mention a brand new year! Is it just me or did this one fly by? This past week was so busy for us, not only am I getting ready for our own Christmas dinner with friends and all the dishes I'm planning to make (yes, you'll get an inside look at everything I promise!), but we were also wrapping up our final video shoots for this year! We made so many amazing dishes, and you'll have them all soon, I've included some sneak peeks below! The thing I'm most excited to tell you though, is that between tomorrow and Wednesday, we're planning on showering you with videos! Including a brand new type of video in our youtube channel, and a brand new section for our lovely members!

I can't wait to show you what we've been cooking. We've been posting so many delicious cakes, pies and rich holiday food, but come January we're getting as healthy as possible together (with a little naughtiness mixed in here and there, as is my rule of thumb!). Without further ado, let's get to this week's favorite meals from our kitchen table to yours.

Our favorite breakfasts

A friend of mine showed me a photo of her version of avocado toast this week, and let's just say I'm now obsessed. Avocado toasts have long lived in my kitchen, but my friend's addition of some turmeric, olive oil and herbs just made this dish an absolute favorite of ours. We had the first one with a side of grapes earlier in the week, and then next to some classic peanut butter and jelly toast and a soy latte a couple of days later. So good!

Our favorite lunches

This week we recipe tested and filmed these super healthy stuffed mushrooms. You won't believe how filling and tasty these are, and yet they are ridiculously healthy. These are coming soon when we kick off the healthiest 2016!

This one is a looker and supremely delicious. Every time I make it Carlos says "I never remember that this tastes this good!". So yes, he sees thinly sliced zucchini and thinks "ok, where's my plate?", but then we're always so surprised. It's filling and has so many layers of flavors and textures. We just filmed it yesterday so it's also coming your way really soon. 

Our favorite dinners

If it seems I add a stir-fry to every single one of these posts you'd probably be right. It's one of the healthiest and easiest dinners you can whip up when you're looking to have something scrumptious but light for dinner. This one had broccoli, onions, shiitakes and carrots which were stir-fried with some soy sauce. That tofu you see on top there, was sautéed separately in a pan with some maple syrup, liquid smoke, sweet chili sauce, sesame seeds and tamari soy sauce and left to really caramelize in the pan. I could eat this every night.

You probably know by now that we're going on Wednesday to see the new Star Wars movie, so Carlos and I have been doing a little movie marathon to watch all the previous ones. I hadn't seen some of the original ones in years! Tonight was the last one, and we sat in front of the TV digging into the creamiest and healthiest spinach and artichoke dip, baked right inside an Italian bread bowl! We filmed this baby too this weekend and you'll be able to make it for your New Years' Eve party this year. 

This week's "oh so sweet" treat

You know this one well! We've been doing so much recipe testing these past few weeks that our freezer is filled with desserts. First of all, yes, you can freeze many of your cake and other dessert leftovers and then thaw them and slightly warm them up for the perfect treat (we'll have a whole post on this soon!). Second, we made a pact that we would no longer order dessert when we went out until the freezer stash has been dealt with. So this week after having yet another yummy vegan burger in town, we came back home and shared a slice of our sticky toffee, date and sweet potato cake. You can learn how to make it and print the recipe here!

Was this a yummy week or what?! This one however will be even better since we have so much content coming your way. Pop back in tomorrow as we have more and more surprises coming!