Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had the most amazing time with family and friends and that you're gearing up for the new year! I hope you also read (and watched) the little Holiday message we left for you here! It's Monday, and as is tradition, it's time for our From Our Kitchen Table series, where we get to show you what we actually eat for our yummy meals so you can feel inspired and steal some ideas. Today however, I thought we'd make it even more festive by taking you inside our little Christmas dinner! 

I had so much fun cooking for our friends on Christmas Day, none of them are vegan might I add, but everyone loved the food! As it usually happens, we ended up talking until 3 in the morning about food, health and feeding your body with delicious health supporting plant-based yummies. It was such a special dinner party! Our friends Any and David who you always hear me mention were there as always, and we had three new friends join in the celebration this year. They loved it so much we're making it a yearly tradition. Our families live pretty far from us, so it's always so nice to share the day with some of our closest friends.

Ok, so on to the holiday grub right? Let me start by saying that all of the recipes I used (except for the salad which is coming next year, I promise) are from our online membership program, so if you're a member or would like to become one, you can make all these delicious goodies at home! Click here to read more about the features of our program.

For our appetizers I wanted to get creative and make my version of a cheese plate. I set up our big wooden cutting board and served some grapes, my homemade raw herbed cashew cream cheese on cucumber rafts (these were such a hit!), and my very cheesy cheese puffs, which were gone before we could say vegan cheese. We had some lovely wine to go with it so it really felt like a beautiful and different cheese platter!

For our main dish, I made the traditional Christmas recipes I make almost every year. Our family tradition of a broccoli, raisin and smoky veggie bacon salad, our creamy sweet potato purée (everyone's favorite), a new spin on a cranberry sauce, this one had blueberries, raspberries and grapes! For the main centerpiece I made seitan wellingtons with a mushroom duxelle, roasted garlic and our red wine mushroom gravy. 

Although everyone loved all of the dishes, the wellingtons were such a big hit people had seconds and thirds! It was a total treat with the gravy on top and all those delicious holiday sides.

You've got to have dessert! I have to tell you that Any and David are usually our guide to what dessert we're going to make because they love sweet treats! It's always a toss as to who we're going to please the most. David loves anything involving chocolate, and he goes bonkers over our red velvet cupcakes, but Any is a huge pecan pie fan. This year Any won and we had a huge pie waiting for her. 

It was the yummiest and most fun evening. We laughed and talked for hours! It really was a special Christmas this year. Here's the whole gang. I'm so grateful that they all came out here to celebrate Christmas Day with us! They kept making up reasons for additional parties I could organize so they could come and eat more often (so cute!), but what they don't know is that I LOVE to feed people and would have them over here once a week if it were up to me.

I'm dying to know what you made for your holiday feasts! Tell us in the comment section below.

We've got so much coming just in time for New Year's, with little party treats which are perfect if you're planning a New Year's Eve shindig or gathering. Stay tuned for lots coming this week! January however is going to be our tribute to health. We're going to set our intentions and go on the road to glowing health together with delicious recipes that will fill your bodies with nutrients and your tummies with joy. I can't wait!