One thing we all struggle with if we cook at home, is that eternal question "What should I make for dinner", and I might add, breakfast, lunch and snacks to that dilemma. This was the big question we decided to tackle when we created Brownble and our online membership program. We wanted to take the guess work out, and take you by the hand along the path of healthy and delicious (and sometimes naughty) cooking and eating and be your resource for ideas. From our quick fixes to our full length recipes, you have so many ideas to choose from. Additionally however, I wanted to pull out a chair and invite you to my kitchen table in this brand new weekly series in the blog. Once a week, we're going to give you a glimpse into our very own little kitchen, so I'll choose my favorite dishes from what we had during the past week and share the pictures with you, and even a quick recipe or two. You'll always have a constant stream of inspiration coming your way. It isn't the lack of cooking abilities, or the fact that you're pressed for time that makes your mind go blank come meal time, the problem many of us face is simply opening the fridge and not having ideas that we can easily whip up. That's where my kitchen table comes in.

Ready?! Let's do this thing!

Our favorite breakfasts from this week

If you took a peek inside my shopping cart, one thing would definitely pop out at you. A HUGE bag of rolled oats for what would seem like a family of six when in fact we're just two! That's because overnight oats are my absolute favorite breakfast, and I have a different version of them almost every single day! I like changing the toppings for adding variety.

I've also been completely obsessed with green smoothies lately since it's collard green season in Spain and I'm getting it practically for free at the farmer's market! I normally exercise very early in the morning and then I have my post recovery smoothie which is so soothing and filling. I make a double batch since Carlos loves having his for a snack later in the day. All you need to do is blend a couple of collard green leaves, some frozen banana (or fresh), some pineapple, almond milk, some hemp seeds or hemp protein, some ice cubes and I like throwing in a couple of strawberries for added sweetness. It's sweet bliss in a jar (or glass!). Our PB&J roll ups made an appearance too this week! Watch me making them here and get the recipe! It's like traveling back in time to your childhood.

Our Favorite Lunches

Two lunches really hit the mark for me this week. One was as simple as roasting a red pepper in the oven and then sautéing black beans, quinoa, basil and spinach in a skillet and then topping everything with marinara sauce. So good and easy! We have another version with a sweet and savory filling here.

The other lunch I made which was very simple was a basic green salad with any crunchy veggies I had in the fridge and some tempeh bacon. This one had baby romaine lettuce, shaved carrots, tomatoes, purple cabbage, cucumber, avocado and the best topping ever: homemade, smoky, maple, tempeh bacon! We'll be filming a whole veggie bacon video soon! 

For the dressing I made my favorite everyday citrus herb dressing which is part of our online membership program. Members, you'll find that recipe here!

Our Favorite Dinners


I have to tell you that in order to keep a balance between the cookie monster in me and having to be in front of the camera ALL THE TIME, I normally have a lighter meal in the evening, but sometimes you just need some meaty and homey comfort! The first photo is of our yummy braised seitan (a vegan meat you can make at home made out of wheat), mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli, all smothered in an all natural barbecue sauce that is made with the seitan in the oven! If you're a Brownble member you'll find it in our Totally Meaty section! (If you're not a member, click here to find out more about our online program)

The second photo looks much more like what I normally have during the week. I stir fried some broccoli, Chinese mushrooms, green onions, tempeh and a yummy pineapple soy glaze

(Just combine pineapple juice, soy sauce, a little agave and ginger and some cornstarch or arrowroot powder and add it to the wok or pan at the end!). 

Last but not least, we had one of our usual suspects, zoodles (aka zucchini noodles) with bolognese! A mandolin slicer is an inexpensive tool you'll be using frequently with us in the kitchen, and it's all you need to make delicious vegetable noodles. Perfect for when you want something light in the evening but have a total pasta craving. We have a quick fix version of this dish using vegan meat crumbles (members, you can find that here), but this week I used my favorite meat alternative, something we can all find in the supermarket: mushrooms! 



This Week's "Oh So Sweet" Treat

I don't have dessert every day (except my little vice, a square of dark chocolate with almonds...yum!), but once a week, I indulge, and I indulge with gusto. That means no chocolate cake made with black beans and zucchini. I eat the real deal folks! In fact, our dessert recipes although sometimes super healthy are usually just that, special treats for special occasions. I was recipe testing on Sunday (as I do most Sundays), and this is what came out of the oven!


I think there's no description needed! We'll be filming this baby soon!

I hope these dishes inspire you to make some yummy vegan meals at home this week! Don't forget to sign up to our email list below to receive updates, recipes and a special little gift we'll be sending your way! I'll see you later this week with more. Bon appetit!