Boy am I excited with the videos we're sharing with all our members today. This dish is so good for you, yet it is incredibly filling and the textures and flavors will make you go wild! Don't be fooled by its super healthy look, this one is a total favorite at our house and it will fill your body up with so much goodness you'll be making it all the time.

Did I mention the fact that it's gluten free and raw? This means there's no cooking required so it's almost impossible to mess it up. All you need is a food processor, and I use a mandolin slicer to cut up the zucchini but this is completely optional since you could use a knife or even a vegetable peeler. 

The thin zucchini strips are layered with a delicious almond herb ricotta and everything is topped with a pistachio, spinach and basil pesto that is simply divine.

We're also teaching you how to cook a delicious whole grain today, which is perfect for stuffing vegetables or for salads: bulgur wheat. The same process applies to couscous so you'll be able to make a base for a lot of your favorite dishes with this one.

I hope you love these dishes and make them at home! We have another video coming tomorrow to our youtube channel so keep your eye out for that as well. Hint: it's one of my favorite dishes EVER! Ok, without further ado, members enjoy your videos!

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