Welcome back to our little Monday series From our Kitchen Table! This is one of our weekly dates here in the blog in which I get to show you the highlights of the vegan goodies we've eaten in the past week, in the hopes that they inspire some of your meals at home, give you ideas and insights into how to build a balanced vegan plate, what our portions look like and all the wonderful things you can make with just plants! This week we have another special edition since it was Carlos's birthday last week, and we celebrated big time with a little party at our house. I think I haven't spent this much time in the kitchen in a long time and I'm always in there! It was so nice to spend this time with friends, and in spite of the fact that I went nutty with the amount of food I was serving, there was practically nothing left by the end of the night! I love it when that happens. Most of the recipes I made for the party are part of our online membership program, which you can join for less than 40 cents per day and have access to over 11o videos with more and more coming every single week! Click here to learn more about the features of our program.

Let's get to the grub! We're tackling our favorites from the past week and then I'm giving you a total inside look into our little birthday shindig! 

Our favorite breakfasts

My weekly (almost daily) breakfast of overnight oats. These were topped with banana, strawberries, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. 

Ok, so don't hate me for putting this image in your head. Carlos's birthday was actually on Thursday, and since his party was on Friday, I had a ton of things planned for his actual birthday too! It all started with this little breakfast, homemade vegan croissants and nutella! We'll have a recipe for the vegan nutella really soon I promise.

Our favorite lunches

This is my go to when I don't have a lot of time or ingredients in the fridge. I simply wrap any raw veggies I have and avocado (always a must) in rice paper and serve it with our creamy Thai peanut sauce. So good! 

You know me and my veggie bowls! This one had buckwheat (I've become obsessed with this whole grain lately), miso-lemon chickpeas, sautéed veggies and a topping of lemony beets and onion (think salsa but with these ingredients).

Our favorite dinners


This was a totally indulgent mid-week treat. I was testing some new burger recipes, and this one in particular was a red kidney bean, panko and buckwheat burger. I topped it with pickles, avocado and pickled red onion (my latest obsession), and served it with some sweet potato fries.

Want to ensure sweet potato fries get crispy?

Add a little cornstarch with the rest of the seasonings and toss, before drizzling with oil and then just pop them in the oven.

This looks quite simple, but it was probably my favorite meal all week. Stir-fried buckwheat "rice"! All I did was stir-fry some onion, mushrooms, broccoli and peppers, then added leftover (cold for best texture) buckwheat and let it heat through with the vegetables. Add some soy sauce and top with sesame seeds and sunflower seeds. Water chestnuts would also go great in this, as would baby corn.

Carlos's Birthday Party Recap!


There are just some parties that stick with you. Everything is relaxed and you can hear people having fun, eating, drinking and sharing stories. This one was beyond special, and it was well worth all the time I spent in the kitchen!  I loved seeing Carlos so happy and surrounded by friends, in spite of the fact that we missed so many that couldn't be here. This one was extra special though, because it was the first big one I threw for him and for all the new friends we've made since living in Spain. When you have to move miles and miles away and completely dive into a new culture, friends like these (because we've met the most amazing people EVER) feel like a Godsend. I felt so happy that day, every time I saw him smile it felt like just another party surrounded by people you've known for a lifetime, and that's simply priceless.


Yes, I made a total vegan feast for everybody and not a cheese puff remained! This was the menu, and it included two batches of almost everything! (Remember that almost all these recipes are part of our membership program so you can make them at home if you're a member at brownble!)

Creamy spinach and artichoke dip in a bread bowl.

Puff pastry filled with portobello mushrooms and lots of other goodies and served with a spinach and basil pesto (coming soon since this was the biggest hit of the entire night!).

Cheese puffs with raspberry jam.

Herbed cashew cream cheese on raw cucumber rafts

Homemade guacamole, salsa and chips

Our famous mini BBQ black bean and portobello mushroom sliders, with two different toppings: BBQ sauce and grilled onions, and guacamole and pickled red onions.

Mini baked potato skins with melty vegan cheese on top.


The youngest guest and cutie pie at the party, who behaved like a champ and only cried when his mom and dad wanted to take him home! Too cute!

The prettiest girls...

and furry daughters...

IMG_8455 mejorada.jpg

Yes, I made my famous vegan birthday cake. Our decadent double layer chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting.

It was the perfect birthday, so it's going to be hard to top it next year!