I've often heard people ask why vegans or people who are concerned about animal rights don't care about human beings. This always makes me go crazy because it's as if you were saying that as humans we're only capable of caring about one thing. As if being concerned about the huge abuses done to animals prevents you from caring about human injustice or other social issues. This is certainly not true about any of the vegans I know, and many of the organizations that we support with our Brownble Gives Back program are a shining example of caring after all beings.

As you know, every month we designate a charity to be the recipient of our Brownble Gives Back program, where we give part of the proceeds we get from our members to organizations that really need our support. For the next month (and then again in a few months), we're very excited to report that our recipient is the amazing non-profit organization Heartland Farm Sanctuary, who really take that human-animal connection to a whole other level.

Heartland Farm Sanctuary rescues and gives a permanent home to animals that have been abused, neglected, abandoned and been victims of terrible conditions and treatment. They don't stop there however, they also offer a safe haven to at risk youth, as they have a great number of kids and teens cross their doors every year to help and spend time healing with the animals. There's something so poetic and heartwarming about a child who has suffered abuse, neglect, trauma or difficult life circumstances sitting down next to a pig or goat who has also been through the same. It's a powerful therapeutic tool, and anyone who has ever had a pet knows the amazing healing power they provide to us humans. I wanted to choose them as part of our recipients as soon as I heard they rescued animals, but when I read about how they help children and teens going through difficult life situations I was secretly praying they would say yes to participating in the program.


Heartland Farm Sanctuary helps at risk youth going through physical, cognitive or psychological developmental delays, a history of delinquent behavior or other difficult life choices, as well as those living in abusive or troubling home environments. Let's not forget about the animals, every year they open their gates to dozens of abused, neglected or abandoned animals who either find their permanent homes at Heartland or are placed with loving safe families. I'm sorry, but these guys just make me want to jump out of bed in the morning and do some good in this world. Enough about me telling you about it, let's hear it straight from these superheroes! Yes, actual superheroes do exist in places like this one...


What do you say?! Can we help their amazing project and organization?

By joining our membership program from now until February 19th you get all of the perks of being a member AND a part of what you pay goes to supporting Heartland. If you've enjoyed our youtube videos, we currently have tons of videos as part of our online program and more and more come every single week. You'll get recipes, support, kitchen tips, lifestyle tips and advice, we talk about health and wellness and we cook so much amazing food! You don't have to be vegan or vegetarian to join since we want to teach everyone how to make the most delicious creations with the amazing health benefits of fruits and veggies.

Are you ready? You can read more about the program here.

Plus, there's one more thing...

You get to help these little guys right here including Phil, the rooster. Who is basically a rockstar don't you think?!


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