Minha Cozinha, porridge and the magic of smoothies

It's that time of the week again! I have to tell you that I always have this little time together to look forward to on Mondays. It's so nice to sit down and recap, take a look at how and what I've been eating, and even remembering some of those incredible dishes I just seemed to put together but that should go on the "must make a video of this one" list. This week it was all about making recipes from the blog of a dear friend of mine, and we had the most amazing and stress free video shoot this weekend. I can't wait to show you what we filmed. Not only delicious dishes and recipes but new content for our Let's Chat section which is quickly becoming a member favorite! I feel like we're really getting in the groove of the video shoots and now they just go by effortlessly and are so much fun to make. Practice makes perfect as they say! We're nowhere near that, and I always find areas in which we can improve, but now it's relaxing enough that it's just plain fun. I can't wait to show you!

Today however it's all about the plant based goodies so let's get to them! I hope these inspire you for your meals this week, feel free to steal, adapt, tweak and make these your own.

Our favorite breakfasts

You know me, I'm a total smoothie junkie and I had so many this past week because I did so many amazing strength training workouts and went running a few days too! Smoothies are my go to recovery breakfast and I add a ton of plant based protein to fuel my body and help with muscle recovery. This baby had frozen banana, mixed frozen berries, chia seeds, almond milk and some protein powder. This might sound like too small a breakfast for you, remember that I eat 5 smaller meals a day, so a couple of hours after my smoothie I was probably eating some overnight oats or our pb and j roll ups! Smoothies are amazing breakfasts or snacks though, especially when you make them with plenty of fruit, greens and a plant based protein source.

Any other porridge addicts out there? How about porridge addicts who once despised oats and anything runny and goopy and has since turned a corner? That's right! I used to HATE oatmeal, probably because when I tried it I had very plain, flavorless oatmeal. Making good porridge is an art form and it's one of those weekly staples for me. This one was an oat, cinnamon and banana porridge topped with raisins, pumpkin seeds, banana, poppy seeds and sunflower seeds and it was dreamy!

Our favorite lunches

My two favorite lunches this week came from the same place, a new blog which is actually in a language I don't even understand (Portuguese), but my Spanish and Google translator have really helped me out. You've heard me mention it before, it's the Minha Cozinha Virou Um Jardim blog ("My kitchen became a garden"... and yes I have now learnt to write its name without looking at the URL which I'm so proud of!). Here's why I love this blog, not only are its posts filled with wisdom, but the recipes are so simple and almost a mini work of art. Look at this amazing purple pasta! Can you guess how you make that? Wait for it... you cook it in wine! Is that fun or what?! This was simply delicious, and it's simply wine cooked penne with veggies sautéed in olive oil. I added some leeks which were delicious and some of my vegan almond parm (video is part of our membership program!)

The second dish I tried from Minha Cozinha was this unbelievable tofu Pad Thai. It is seriously one of the best I've ever made. That sauce alone! I could have made an entire blender and had it as a savory smoothie. Actually that doesn't sound that great but you get the gist. I'm going to start pouring it on everything now. Don't these two dishes look amazing? 

Head on over to meet Minha Cozinha and the blogger behind it. You'l love it and you might even learn a little Portuguese along the way!

Our favorite dinners

This is an example of how simple a delicious vegan plate can be. This yummy dinner simply had some cooked lentils, crispy eggplant which I made in the oven, and a yummy coconut, onion and raisin quinoa pilaf. To make it simply cook your quinoa and in a separate pan sauté some red onion, coconut flakes and raisins or dried cranberries. Add in the cooked quinoa, stir and add a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper. So good.

This was one of those "need to cook something quick" nights. I made lemon, turmeric tofu and veggie skewers which I broiled in the oven under really high heat, and I served them with some leftover quinoa and some dijon mustard on the side.

This week's "oh so sweet" treat

Carrot cake! At one of our favorite vegan restaurants in Madrid, Rayen Vegano. We also had dinner there that night. I had an amazing phyllo wrapped seitan with roasted sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, black garlic purée and baked apples. Amazing!

Thanks so much for joining me today! I'll see you tomorrow with a new post and video!