I'm so excited about this video we're sharing in our membership program today as part of our Let's Chat section, which is quickly becoming a member favorite! Thank you so much to everyone who has written to say how much they like it. We've got so much coming your way! Today, as January quickly comes to an end, I want to talk to you about weight loss, dieting, exercise, and how we might all be looking at it the wrong way.

As someone who gains weight SO easily and who has tried every single diet known to man, I want to give you my tips and thoughts on how I manage to stay healthy and fit in spite of working with food around me ALL THE TIME! I want to inspire you to stop looking at diets and weight loss as a set of restrictive rules you need to follow "or else!", but more as tips and guidelines you can actually incorporate for life as part of your daily habits. Anything we can't do for the long run, will simply keep us in that "on the wagon-off the wagon" mentality, it will add stress into our lives and it will only yield temporary results. I want to share the things that I do, so that you are healthy and happy for life, no matter what size, weight or shape you are.

We're tackling part 1 today which is all about food, portion sizes and little tips you can start using today, and next week in part 2, we'll be getting deep into the psychological and mental aspects of weight loss, exercise, and more.

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Part 2 is coming next week, and a delicious video recipe will be live in our youtube channel tomorrow so stay tuned!