Chickpea flour creations, pasta and perfect burgers

I think this has been the most exciting week since we launched Brownble. Just in case you missed it, I wrote a special Sunday edition post yesterday telling you all about why Brownble looks so different today! Check out that post here so you can read all about the new features, the rockin' sale we're having in our online program, and my favorite, my personal story is now in our About section for you to read. It was so hard to write it, it's something I have never shared in any of my past blogs or posts, and it was even harder to go through my old photos to find pics for the story (yes, baby pictures are included). I'm so glad I did it though, I think every time I revisit the past I understand it better, I can feel the sadness but also the growth and the happy moments of the past also come rushing in. I hope you find inspiration in it and you get to see why I created this space for you and me.

I also hope you feel inspired by this week's yummy food! Here's what we ate last week. What did you enjoy that really knocked your socks off? Leave it in the comments at the end of the post!

Our favorite breakfasts

It was chickpea week at our house! I've been recipe testing crepes, flatbreads and omelettes this week (and we'll be filming these soon), all using the magical chickpea flour, a great gluten free alternative and the easiest and most delicious ingredient to work with! The first pic shows a  chickpea crepe topped with homemade peanut butter, poppy seeds, banana and agave. This is my new addiction folks! I'll have the recipe for you really soon.

Yes, this beautiful vegan cheddar, mushroom and chive omelette has NO EGGS in it! It was the most scrumptious thing ever, and a total treat since I hadn't had an omelette for years and I was a big fan before going vegan.

Our favorite lunches

This was our amazing, rockin', scrumptious farmer's market pasta. It's full of healthy, easy to find ingredients, it's gluten free and the most heartwarming dish for the winter. Here's the recipe!

This was such a simple lunch and so light and refreshing. I made simple chickpea burgers (I mashed chickpeas and added ground flaxseeds, minced red onion, cajun seasoning, grated carrot and salt and pepper), served it with a side salad of mache, arugula, cucumber and carrot, but the best part was the pineapple salsa I topped the burgers with. To make the pineapple salsa simply toss together: finely diced tomato, red onion, cilantro, pineapple, sea salt, pepper and lemon or lime juice. So easy and SO good, not to mention healthy.

Our favorite dinners

When in doubt... stuff something. We made our stuffed peppers (find the recipe here!), but this time I made a lentil filling and topped it with the leftovers of our farmer's market sauce! I served them with roasted sweet potatoes and greens tossed with some balsamic. 


We went to one of our favorite vegan burger joints Viva Burger on Saturday, and it just never disappoints! These are by far the best burgers in the city. A-ma-zing! We had four non-vegans dining with us and they just loved them! So much so that there was talk about making this a monthly ritual. I had their blue cheese burger which is by far their best one. It had vegan blue cheese, tomato, lettuce, grilled mushrooms pickles... the works! 

This week's "oh so sweet" treat

You know my motto, have a real dessert once a week and have healthy treats the rest of the days, so of course we had dessert on Saturday after our burgers. A trio actually! Warm chocolate cake, pear and olive oil cake (my favorite!) and carrot cake. It was so much fun hanging out with the gang.

Tell us in the comments what great goodies you ate this past week and let us know what you think of the new face of Brownble!