Happy 2016 everybody! It's so nice to be back in the blog this week now that the new year has rolled in. I hope you all got a chance to see the special New Year's Eve post I wrote for you last week. We've made the commitment to have the healthiest start to the year and basing our meals as much as possible on whole plant-based foods that our bodies will thank us for. All the videos and recipes coming your way will be super simple to make, delicious, and extremely healthy for you.

I have to tell you that I love the new year. It's the perfect moment for a fresh start, especially when it comes to changing our daily habits. There's so much momentum associated with this time of year that I like to take advantage of that and use it to make changes in my life. One of those changes this year was using part of my Christmas break to completely revamp my kitchen. We cleaned, tossed, fixed, re-organized and put a ton of methods in place so that it's always a nice welcoming space that is ready for you to cook in at the drop of the hat. I can't tell you what a difference this has made in the way we eat! We'll be talking about getting organized really soon so stay tuned. I hope you're all having a very inspiring start to the year, and as we always do on Mondays, we're kicking off the year with our recent vegan meals, straight from our kitchen table, in the hopes that some of these dishes will inspire you in your kitchen. Let's get to the grub!

Our favorite breakfasts

It's been all about porridge these past few weeks since the weather has been colder around here. One of the best things about Christmas this year was getting the Deliciously Ella book by Ella Woodward which is quickly becoming one of my absolute favorite vegan books! Here I was making her creamy coconut porridge which was such a treat!

Leftovers truly are magic. We were completely out of fresh fruit in the house except for one banana so I was struggling to find toppings for my usual overnight oats. I still had some leftovers of our very berry holiday sauce (which is available to all our brownble members!), which is not only completely healthy but it also doubles as jam! I topped this baby with some of the sauce, a bit of banana, some raisins and pumpkin seeds. So good!

Nala has been very jealous that mama has been spending day and night with her nose inside a book, so she staged a sit in (or "sit on" as she likes to call it).

Our favorite lunches

This was one of my favorite meals recently. Stuffed roasted peppers with buckwheat tossed with mushrooms and tamari, topped with pesto and served with a mini piece of corn on the cob, and some cinnamon and paprika roasted sweet potatoes. This dish was sort of improvised, but you can watch a step by step general process for making delicious stuffed peppers in our Quick Fix video here!

I love a good salad, and this was an idea I got thanks to my dear friend Any who was talking about the salad she had taken to a New Year's Eve dinner she went to. Just toss together mache, arugula (or your favorite greens), cherry tomatoes, edamame, corn, strawberries, avocado and your favorite dressing. For mine I simply whisked together some tahini, dijon mustard, agave and apple cider vinegar. 

Our favorite dinners

Pizza! As in homemade pizza made from scratch! I was so proud of this one I can't even tell you. By far the best one we've made at home. It had vegan pepperoni (Wheaty Chorizo), vegan cheese (a new brand I've been trying called Veggisimo... amazing!), a homemade garlicky tomato sauce, mushrooms, onions, cherry tomatoes and basil. Who doesn't love a good pizza? 

I'm obsessed with this combo. Zucchini noodles tossed with pesto and topped with cherry tomatoes and steamed broccoli tossed with grainy mustard. I know it sounds odd... trust me. Grainy mustard brings any veggies to life and all you have to do is toss!

"Crazy fun" New Year's Eve Dinner

Before you see the crazy photos you're about to see (at least where dinner is concerned), I need to explain something. Carlos and I have a little tradition we've been doing for a few years now. Christmas is all about our big Christmas dinner for friends with all the traditional trimmings, but when New Year's comes around, we always spend it at home, cozy with the doggies, and we have what we call "fun food". That means food that is fun to eat and makes you feel giddy like a little kid. One year it was a mix of our favorites appetizers, one year it was a total taco party, last year it was our salute to sushi (and we ate it sitting on the floor over our coffee table to make it even more fun). This year we had a brilliant idea: breakfast for dinner! It was so good I think we just might have to repeat next year! 

I made our crispy potato latkes, Linda McCartney vegan sausage links, our fluffy buttermilk pancakes topped with maple syrup, berries and banana, and as little dips for the latkes we switched from the traditional sour cream and applesauce and went for mashed avocado and the wonderful vegan egg yolk replacer "The Vegg" (perfect for ex sunny side up egg fans like me and based on all-natural ingredients). The recipes for the buttermilk pancakes and potato latkes are available to our members. Read about the features of our membership here

This was such a fun way of ending the year! 

Happy 2016 everyone! Remember January is our tribute to health month, so we have a ton of healthy videos and recipes coming your way, not to mention posts to inspire you to get healthy and fit this year. Make sure you're signed up below so you never miss a post! Goodies start coming tomorrow, so stay tuned!