Vegan Meal Ideas that Just Need Assembling

If life with my mother taught me something it's that sometimes, when you least expect it, life gets rocky. You get a big project at work, someone (or you!) gets sick, you get some bad news and are having to deal with it emotionally, sometimes unexpected things happen, whether good or bad, that throw you off your routine. What is the first thing that goes out the window when life gets complicated? You guessed it! Your exercise and eating habits. We'll be discussing exercise in a future post, but today I wanted to give you some tips when it comes to eating healthily when things get tough.

So often we hear people tell us to "power through", "make it a priority", "push and plan because we'll be glad we did". I'm giving you my take on things today and it's a little bit different. Yes, your body will thank you if you keep it in tip top shape, and yes, we'll be able to handle tough times better if we're healthy and eating foods that fuel us instead of drag us down and deplete our energy, but we can do that and be gentle with ourselves at the same time. 

Instead of adding another item to your plate by trying to be perfect with your eating, meal prepping and planning, I want to give you some simple ideas that only require assembling. When we know that all we have to do is put ingredients together and dig in, we're much more likely to do it and skip the vending machine or the fast food drive through. It's all a matter of having these ideas and ingredients on hand so we can grab and go, and use our precious energy to solving what is causing stress or anxiety, while still eating delicious healthy vegan dishes.

Enjoy my favorite tips and ideas in the video below and don't forget to share this post with anyone who you feel is in need of some help when it comes to eating healthily while going through difficult times. 

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