The Nomadic Vegan, homemade seitan sausages with carbonara and vegan brezel

It's that time of the week again in which I get to share our favorite vegan eats and treats from the past week, straight from our kitchen table. This week was especially delicious and fun since I got to meet my favorite vegan travel blogger Wendy Werneth from The Nomadic Vegan. We've become friends over the past few years in the blogging world, but we had never actually met! It was so much fun and exciting to get to meet her in person this weekend, as she stopped by for a flash visit from Geneva. Wendy is a truly amazing person and as sweet as she sounds in her blog. She's travelled to over 97 countries, speaks 6 languages and is married to a fellow teacher who also happens to be one of our most recent My Brownble members. He's cooking up a storm with all of our recipes, and Wendy is such a lucky lady having Nick cook for her. You'll see all the photos below and of course more amazing grub from our very own kitchen to yours. Let's do this thing!

Our favorite breakfasts

These cuties were delicious overnight oats topped with banana, strawberries and pumpkin seeds. I never get tired of this breakfast and it's Carlos's absolute favorite! If you're a member of My Brownble online program you can watch our video recipe for it here, including three different topping options and many more ideas.

You know me, a day doesn't go by in which I don't have my smoothie, especially for post-workout recovery since I add delicious pea protein to it for a little boost. This one had mixed frozen berries, frozen banana, chia seeds, pea protein and almond milk. I had run out of greens, but normally I add those in too.

Brunch with the Nomadic Vegan!


It was such a lovely morning on Saturday getting to know these two world travelers in person. I've skyped with Wendy many times, but it's never quite the same as being there in person. We talked until they kicked us out for the lunch crowd and then we went to our little vegan market to give them the lowdown on all the vegan cheeses we get spoiled with here in Spain. Wendy took tons of photos and I'm sure she's planning a special Madrid post soon. Her blog is my go-to resource for vegan travel. She even teaches you the words you need to learn in the local language of the places she visits so you can always say "no cheese please"!

We went to Rayen Vegano for brunch and everyone ordered their famous breakfast sandwich which has their homemade bread, tempeh bacon, tofu scramble, tomatoes and melted vegan cheese. Yes, we also had dessert! Three to be exact! Wendy had their peanut butter and chocolate cake, Nick had the raspberry chocolate cake and I went for the lemon cheesecake. It was such a great start to the weekend.

As if having this great meal together wasn't enough, they showered me with gifts from Switzerland! Delicious Swiss dark chocolate and the most amazing thing ever: brezels! Basically the most heavenly vegan soft pretzel I have ever had in my life. Carlos and I were fighting over them! They were salty, chewy and topped with delicious pumpkin and sunflower seeds. For more delicious local foods from Switzerland you have to check out The Nomadic Vegan's post here. Thank you for the amazing gifts Wendy and Nick!

Our favorite lunches


I made several delicious lunches this past week, and this one was one of my favorites. Based completely on leftovers I had in the fridge, I served up some quinoa, string beans with garlic, tomato and cucumber salad, a bit of our pumpkin and potato mash and topped everything with hummus. I couldn't get through the whole plate but this has now become a top favorite. When in doubt... top it with hummus.

I've been recipe testing these yummy seitan and sun-dried tomato sausages recently, and I decided to make them for Carlos on Valentine's Day next to some delicious spaghetti carbonara. I whipped up the carbonara at the last minute and it ended up being the best one I've ever made and much simpler too! You'll be seeing both of these recipes soon. Making your own veggie meats is basically the closest thing I know to being a modern day wizard, and it's not difficult at all!

Our favorite dinners


Friday night was all about our tofu lettuce cups with a Thai peanut sauce, also a recipe that is part of My Brownble (and anyone can enjoy the video for our Thai peanut sauce here!).

You know me and quick sautés for busy weeknights. This one was made by sautéing red onion, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes and broccoli. I topped it with some avocado and served it with a small side of quinoa.

This week's "oh so sweet" treat

Ok you caught me, I cheated this week by having two decadent naughty treats instead of one, but it was Valentine's Day! As you probably know by now, we released our banana date cinnamon rolls for V-Day video last week in our youtube channel and of course I made some! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day and that you have an even better week ahead!

What delicious yummies did you have on Valentine's Day? Who did you spend the day with?...friends and furry babies count!

Let us know in the comments below! I'll see you tomorrow with more delicious goodies.