It's a total pantry staples week at Brownble, especially for our My Brownble members, who are getting a double dose of homemade pantry staple goodness in our online program today. First we're teaching you how to make the creamiest almond milk and all the different goodies you can add to it to make it to your liking.

Making your own nut milk is so easy, and what I love about anything that is homemade is that you know exactly what's going in there and you can keep it 100% natural. No preservatives, added oils or sodium, and no hormones... pure almond goodness. It's also the perfect way to save money since homemade staples like the ones we're making today are much cheaper than the store-bought kind.

It's also a great place to start when you're slowly transitioning to veganism or making more plant-based choices, since you can substitute dairy-based milk for almond milk in the exact same proportion in baked goods, sweet or savory recipes, for topping your cereal or for your morning coffee or tea. It's also very digestible and gluten free.

The second video we have for our members today is something you probably all know well, and if you've read our "oh so true" facts about us here you know that I have a total love affair with... drumroll... peanut butter... of course! Creamy, delicious, homemade peanut butter to be exact!

Don't get me wrong, if you're buying the natural varieties of peanut butter sold in health food stores, that is a-ok, but if your cupboards are still full of the traditional commercial brands of nut butters, we need to talk about something. Grab one of those jars and read the ingredients. Some of the commercial brands have so many additives, preservatives and even added oils and sugars in a product that doesn't really need anything other than peanuts and maybe a little sea salt. I grew up on that stuff, but now that I make my own I just can't enjoy the taste of my childhood favorite brands because they simply don't taste like peanut butter to me anymore.


Making your own is so simple, not to mention inexpensive. Plus I get to watch my favorite TV shows while I shell the peanuts next to my hubby and the dogs, so that's just a plus. 

Without further ado... members, enjoy your videos!


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