First of all, thank you so very much to everyone who has written to say they love the new design of the blog! I'm in love with it too. I'm so happy to sit down and write in it I can't even tell you, and your support is a HUGE part of that. Today I'm really excited because I get to share a delicious recipe and part 2 of our weight loss video series with our My Brownble members. If you're new to the blog and you want to know what that is, My Brownble is our signature online membership program where I teach you how to cook vegan and do it in a way that brings joy and balance into your life. We get to cook amazing dishes together and talk about all sorts of things, and you can read more details about it here. Today we're cooking up this amazing lemony leek and black bean salad, well, tossing really, as this salad requires no cooking at all! I also teach you how to make that amazing red onion pickle they serve at Mexican restaurants. You wouldn't believe how easy it is to make, and is it just me or is it simply the best topping ever? 

We've also added part 2 of our weight loss video series which I know you've loved so far. Part 1 was all about practical tips and more food related, and in today's video we get deep into our mindset and the psychology behind diets and losing weight, and we talk about exercise. This video series is quickly becoming a member favorite so I'm very excited to finally have part 2 up for you to watch!

Ok, I know you want to get to them so find your links below, and remember to tune in tomorrow for a brand new recipe in our youtube channel and in the blog! It includes peanut sauce so I think that's all I need to say about that.

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