A trip to snowy mountains and the best dinner ever, by one of our "My Brownble" members!

Some weeks are simply extra special, and this was definitely one of those. We had a long weekend of filming for Brownble ahead, so we decided to take a little day trip up to the sierra mountains and have a totally fun snow day and some much needed R&R since we've been working non-stop around here. It was also extra special because for the first time since adopting Vega, we would be taking our her to meet snow possibly for the first time in her life. Nala, our eldest pooch, is a snow expert and it's her absolute favorite thing in the world, so we had a pretty good idea that Vega would have a blast too. She went CRAZY! We shot so many videos of her, and you'll get to see some footage soon since I'm sure these will make it into our next Brownble intro. There's something about watching animals jumping and leaping and running with joy that just fills your heart. It was just what I needed. As if that day couldn't get any better, we finished it off with the perfect cherry on top of the cake since one of our My Brownble members and friend, invited us over for dinner, in which we were served the most amazing vegan food. All of that plus more of our vegan food highlights of the past week are what you'll get to see in today's post! Let's get to it, I've got so many amazing photos to show you!

Our favorite breakfasts

Have we talked about the fact that bagels are vegan? Well they are, and they're my guilty pleasure every once in a while. I buy frozen ones and let them thaw on the counter overnight and then toast them just a touch in the morning, I had them with some non-dairy cream cheese (I love Tofutti cream cheese), and one of Carlos's famous cinnamon soy lattes.

This one was by far the best breakfast we had all week. This is our signature "perfect oat porridge" which we just filmed and will be in My Brownble in just a few weeks!

Our favorite lunches

This salad was so simple but I absolutely loved it. It had watercress, cherry and sun-dried tomatoes, hazelnuts, black beans and grilled mushrooms (grilled with a little tamari lemon juice and oregano). The dressing was a simple splash of olive oil and lemon. So good!

These sandwiches were the perfect picnic goodies for our trip to the mountain. I warmed the baguette in the oven and then spread on some dijon mustard and some vegan cheese, and popped them back in the oven, open faced, so the cheese would melt nicely. Then I added some Vegusto deli slices, sliced tomato, olive oil and freshly ground pepper. It was AMAZING! We had some chips and iced tea on the side as well, but this was nothing compared to all the snow fun that was going on. Take a look...

More from the Sierra

It was so special for me to take our little Vega to see snow for the first time. We adopted her from the pound a year and a half ago and she went from being the most scared and anxious dog to the happiest one on this planet. We knew she would love it but she went nutty and ran non-stop for hours rolling around in the snow. Nala had a blast as usual, she's a total snow pro. It was such a special day for me.

The whole family.

Our favorite dinners

Earlier this week I made a simple veggie stir-fry and some steamed artichokes with vegan hollandaise sauce. Artichokes are one of my favorite veggies, probably because I love anything I can eat with my hands. It's a great light option for a healthy dinner.

What you're about to see has me so excited I'm jumping out of my seat! Our dear friend Any and her husband David invited us over for dinner. What I haven't told you is that Any is also a member of our online program and although they aren't vegan, they made us the most incredible fully vegan meal! PLUS she made three of our My Brownble recipes! It's such a joy to watch our members cooking away and loving the recipes. I've received so many pictures from all of you this past month. It's the greatest gift to see everyone making wholesome, vegan food no matter what their diet is like now. 

She made our cheese puffs, spinach and artichoke dip and the dessert you'll see below and they tasted exactly like mine. This is beyond exciting when you're a recipe developer, to know that the results I want all of you to have with your cooking are totally doable and replicable! The delicious main course however was all her! Mushroom risotto with truffle oil. I could have had two bowls of it.

We ate garlic bread, had apple cider, talked for hours and left smiling from ear to ear. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone take on new adventures in their very own kitchen.

Yes, we had dessert....

This week's "oh so sweet" treat

Our decadent double layer chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting, made entirely by Any from scratch, and with the perfect texture which is the hardest part to get right in this dessert. She knocked it out of the ball park and she even sent us home with a doggie bag. All I can say is the leftovers are long gone by now.

What delicious vegan goodies did you have this past week? Share them with us in the comments below!

I'll see you tomorrow with more delicious yummies.