Hey everyone! Today we have a brand new video for our My Brownble members in which I'm teaching you all about two different cooking techniques I love, because they're the best for infusing a ton of flavor into dishes. One of those is the pilaf method of cooking rice, and the other is one of my favorite techniques by far: braising. 

If you're a member of our online program and you've made our famous braised seitan with a barbecue glaze (my favorite recipe in the program), you know how powerful this cooking method can be, and today I'm teaching you how to do it right on your stovetop. It's so simple.

I love making this dish at home because I totally come from the school of savory-sweeet combo lovers, and the rice provides this perfectly. It's also a total feast for the senses with the chewy tofu, juicy pearl onions, all the crunchy goodies we toss the rice with and of course, the fact that we turn white basmati into a yellow submarine! Yes, just like The Beatles used to do it (wink!).

Get your aprons on members! It's cooking time! Find your video below.


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Basmati rice pilaf with braised tofu and onions


I hope you love this recipe and that you make it at home! Don't forget to show us your pics using the #brownble! We can't wait to see what you're cooking up and what you served these with. We'll be back tomorrow with a melt in your mouth forever favorite in our youtube channel (hint: you'll feel it's summer even in the wintertime!)