Can you feel our excitement? I know I haven't talked about this in the blog, but if you're a member of our online program and you've been logging into your member area in the past few days, you've probably noticed some changes. You now have a new and improved dashboard, new descriptions and search options for your video recipes, new features, a new batch cooking section which is coming soon, an easy access resource and printables section and so much more. The best thing is, this is nothing compared to what's coming in the form of content. We have revamped My Brownble in a way that has made me feel even prouder of this space we share together. We've been slowly bringing new life to our online program so that it can become your go to guide for healthy living. We are such complex individuals, with social, psychological and physical aspects that affect our lives, that Brownble is getting bigger and better every day. Not only to give you the most rockin' recipes and kitchen tips, but take you out of the kitchen to a total place of optimal wellness. I don't want to give too much away, but things are about to get crazy cool in here, and that whole process is starting today and will continue to happen and grow every week from now on (we already have over 20 videos just waiting to reach you, and Carlos is editing around the clock to make it happen asap!).

So what are we going to watch today as part of your new features?

If you go to your dashboard and your brand new "Start Here" section, you'll be able to watch three new videos I'm super excited about!

In the first one you'll take a tour of all the new features and how to easily browse and use your new program, you'll get to see your Brownble Schedule of content, and... drumroll... my favorite part: our getting started series. These include the habits and guidelines that are at the backbone of our Brownble philosophy. We're talking about health (both physical and emotional), optimal wellness, cooking, eating and more.

The first one in the series is our "Brownble healthy eating pillars to live by". A concentrated source of inspiration you'll be coming back to again and again, with a glimpse of all that's coming your way soon. The second is our "vegan cooking survival guide"! With everything from shopping, staples, prepping, planning and creating delicious meals to match your lifestyle and schedule. Plus another recipe will be live tomorrow so it's basically the biggest party we've had so far at My Brownble. Did I mention some of my favorite Brownble recipes are coming during these next few weeks? Yeah... the food just keeps on getting better!

One more thing, and it's a big one! Below your two new "Getting Started" videos, you have the option to listen on the go! That's right, you can now download the audio file, store it in your phone or tablet and take it with you for a long commute or a walk with the dogs. This feature will soon make its way into all your other support and advice videos. 

Put your dancing shoes on, or if you're like me, take all shoes off and get the party started! Let us know what you think of the new changes in the comments and I'll see you in there! 

If you're not a member at My Brownble yet you can check out the features here! We also have amazing surprises coming to you soon (including a new recipe in our youtube channel tomorrow) so stay tuned!

Members! Get ready! Runners lunge.... Go!