Let me start this post off by saying that I haven't slept more than 3 or 4 hours in the past few weeks. I know... bad, bad, bad. I either couldn't sleep because I was up to the wee hours working in front of my computer, or because of plain excitement and daydreaming, either way I didn't sleep. Correction, we didn't sleep! 

We actually dismantled our little Brownble office, set everything up in the dining room table so we could have more space for the biggest change we've gone through since Brownble went live.

I know you've seen our hints about it on social media, but we haven't officially announced it, until we sent each of you a personal email last night. So if you haven't yet, members, CHECK YOUR EMAIL! 

Just in case you're reading this first, here's the big news. Are you ready? Drumroll please!

The My Brownble online program is moving to a BIGGER, BETTER and just bursting with awesomeness house!

Our online program has been growing and growing thanks to all you amazing members, and we were kind of limited in the platform we had been using so far, so we went into our Brownble bunker and really thought about how we could make the experience of My Brownble even better. We looked for a system that let you and us be more in control, make it more customizable, easier to use, faster, lighter and yes, more beautiful! You know how important design is to us. Here's the deal, we found the perfect system and all the stars aligned. We're of course taking you with us.

The email you received last night is very important because it contains all the step-by-step instructions for moving over to the new platform. It's super easy to do, and each of your emails includes a special coupon code with your personal data so you can carry what you've paid right over.

I wish I could give you more details as to how it looks. That's my favorite part, but it's so cool that I want you to be surprised and take a look for yourself.

So... without further ado...

Members, check your email and head on over!

The sign up process takes 2 minutes and we want you to do it as soon as you can so you can start using it asap. If you didn't receive an email from us, check your SPAM folder or email us at and we'll send it again.


I'm so excited that in spite of adding the final touches at 4 am last night, I woke up really early today with butterflies in my stomach. I can't wait to see you all inside.

If I haven't said it enough, THANK YOU. You guys give me such a purpose, and such pride in being a part of your journey. I am so humbled and happy that I get to do this every day. It's all thanks to you.

Not a member yet?

Of course the new platform is all set up and ready for you to use too! You can check out all the details here, and if you decide to purchase, you'll be accessing the new and improved My Brownble immediately! Plus we're sending a little surprise to all our email subscribers this weekend, to celebrate with you.