A visit from The Nomadic Vegan, lunch at Rayen Vegano and a beautiful spring wedding

Happy Monday everyone! This week was so exciting I can't even tell you. It was also crazy busy which is basically the translation of exciting around here. We had our hands full with recipe testing, editing, adding all the new features to our online program, plus we went to a very special wedding surrounded by friends and the most beautiful spring weather. They had a special vegan menu all set up for us and it was delicious! We were all dolled up as you can see. The bride who worked with Carlos at the hospital was so beautiful and happy, I have to tell you I'm a sucker for a good wedding, especially when it's of friends we care about so much.

That night we came home early and started setting everything up for a very fun Sunday. Wendy Werneth from the amazing vegan travel blog The Nomadic Vegan was going to be on set with us filming a few videos that are coming your way soon! It was the first time we've ever had a guest on set with us and I can't even tell you how much fun that was. You'll get to hear it in one of the videos, since we shot a scene in which everyone suddenly burst out laughing! Including Carlos behind the camera and Wendy's husband Nick who was also with us on set.

After the shoot we went to our favorite vegan restaurant for a really special meal to celebrate together. Wendy is full of vegan travel wisdom and she was so kind to let us pick her brain for a bit while she was here. You'll get to see it all in the next few weeks! We had plenty of delicious food and took tons of pics from the weekend so let's get to it. I hope some of these inspire your meals this week!

Our favorite breakfasts

If you're one of our newsletter subscribers you received this delicious recipe for peanut butter piña colada porridge in our bonus recipe email yesterday! 

Another breakfast this week that hit the mark was our pb&j roll ups! These are so chewy and delicious. You can watch the video and check out the recipe here!

Our favorite lunch

Our favorite lunch this week was at the incredible Rayen Vegano in Madrid. This is an all organic vegan restaurant run by two of the most amazing and special people we've ever met and who we proudly call friends now, Paulo and Noemi. We were extra happy (and hungry!) because we had just filmed three back to back videos with Wendy on the set. We all shared the Tibetan momos as an appetizer. If you haven't tried them before, try to find them asap! They are soft dumplings filled with greens and ginger and the most amazing flavors. You dip them in soy sauce and then you proceed to faint from deliciousness.

I ordered their seitan wontons as a main dish, and they came with a scrumptious black garlic purée, sweet potatoes, broccoli, seasonal veggies and a creamy mushroom sauce. 

Rayen Vegano also happens to be one of the most creative and beautiful spaces in Madrid. They actually change the outside of their restaurant incorporating street art all the time, and it's like you enter whimsy town each time you go. Isn't it beautiful?!

Our favorite dinners

One of my favorite dinners this week was a simple green salad with a lemony tahini dressing to which I simply added a ton of delicious toppings: avocado, roasted red peppers and smoky tofu cubes. Adding a bit of soy sauce, liquid smoke and maple syrup to tofu or tempeh really makes them shine. Our recipe for tempeh bacon is coming really soon and it will explain the process really easily.

This was a quick and simple Buddha bowl with roasted sweet potatoes and beets, chickpea and veggie sautée, sautéed beet greens, and a topping of roasted red pepper strips and some homemade cashew cheese on top. Just in case you missed it, here's our post on vegan toppings to give you a ton of ideas for taking your meals to another level.

This week's "oh so sweet" treat

If there's one thing Rayen is famous for it's their cakes, Carlos and I shared their maca and macadamia raw tart which I have to say is one of my favorites now.

What delicious plant-based goodies did you enjoy this week? Tell us all about them in the comments, and don't forget to help us by sharing this post with anyone who is in need of some healthy meal inspiration!