Guess what day it is today? I'll give you a hint: today I started my day with a workout, a walk with the dogs, breakfast with my hubby, long awesome conversations with friends, and coming up next I'll be diving into delicious vegan sushi and a romantic vegan fondue dinner for two, and yes there will be cupcakes... made out of chocolate... with frosting... Can you guess? Today is my birthday! As you can probably tell, I never celebrate without bringing you guys along for the ride, so today we're unveiling our brand new section in the online program with our very first batch cooking episode!

If there's one practical tip that has helped me eat really healthily and remove stress from my busy life it has been batch cooking. A.k.a. preparing some basics over the weekend (or whenever you have the time), and have a fully stocked fridge, filled with healthy whole foods that I can mix and match for delicious veggie bowls, or use in other recipes throughout the week. This once a week ritual has been a lifesaver, and whenever I skip it I can really tell throughout the week. I spend more money, order more takeout than I probably should, and I'm a bit more stressed trying to cook everything day in and day out. Batch cooking helps so much with this.

In this first episode we're making a ton of basics, feel free to make what you like and leave the rest. Each episode will be different so you'll soon have a whole lot of options to choose from when it comes to batch cooking staples for the week.

These videos will also help you practice one very important thing for healthy eating, being able to cook without a recipe. These staples are so simple to make that all you need is a few ingredients for each and the use of your instinct. You'll be tasting as you go along and adjusting the flavors to your liking. Why is this important? If we batch cook and have to measure, weigh and divide our food in exact portions, the process starts becoming very rigid, boring and can especially put you back into that restrictive mindset that is so unhealthy for our mind and soul. We're going to teach you how to have fun with it, experiment a little, and we'll guide you every step of the way, so I promise you that things will come out perfectly. You'll soon love this process and have plenty of healthy combinations so that you can eat a very varied diet throughout the week. We're also linking to the videos of the online program that use some of the components you'll be making, and you'll get our printable pdf as usual which also includes our "batch cooking mixer". Ideas on how to mix and match your different components for delicious weekly meals.

Let's get to it shall we? Members, click the button below to go right over to your video (remember you can always find it in the batch cooking tab of your dashboard), and if you're not a member of "My Brownble" you can check out all the details here! It's our signature video-based online program which teaches you how to achieve that very sought after healthy lifestyle as a vegan, so you can stop worrying, stop dieting, and enjoy and live your life while we cook amazing food together.

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