Myth Busting Q&A!: Can you Put Hot Foods in the Fridge?

Did your mom or grandma ever tell you you couldn't place hot foods in the fridge because they would go bad? It's a common old wives tale, and one of those that has very true meaning behind it, but not in the way that you might think. We're doing some myth busting today when it comes to your fridge and hot or warm foods, but if you thought you could completely forget about this rule, think again! It's Q&A time! I've received today's question so many times, that we decided to make a video exclusively dedicated to it! 

If you've ever had any leftovers or you were batch cooking, I'm pretty sure you've asked yourself this question: "should I pop it in the fridge now or should I wait?". The question is important, but not as you might think. We tend to think the food itself will go bad because of a shock in temperature, and trust me, the food itself will be fine, the problem lies on what is already in your refrigerator when you decide to pop your warm leftover casserole in the fridge.

Are you ready for some myth busting? We explain it all in this video:

Thanks for watching everyone. You can now confidently tell your grandma she was right, but still teach her something new!

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