On Vegan Barbecues, Celebrations and Vegan Fondue!

Listen on the go!

This week was a fun filled one for sure. We got to do a lot of celebrating and spend time in nature and with friends. We went to our favorite vegan restaurant in Madrid, Rayen Vegano, and I made the most scrumptious vegan cheese fondue and stuffed phyllo triangles which you'll see below. 

Fondue was always one of those things I thought I was swearing off when I went vegan, but rest assured that this is not the case at all! It's so easy to make and extremely decadent, creamy and delicious. I'm still tweaking it a bit, but as soon as it's perfect we'll be filming a little video for you!

It's Monday today, which means that although we had to share the exciting news about the launch of our 3 step guide to healthy eating, it's all about the vegan grub today and we definitely ate some amazing food this past week and have some great ideas to help inspire your meals. Let's get to it!

Our favorite breakfasts

I once heard an interview with the amazing creator of the Jivamukti school of yoga and author Sharon Gannon in which she was asked what her favorite thing to eat was, to which she replied: toast! I laughed out loud in my car because I could completely relate to her love of toasted bread with something on top. This one had some almond butter, banana slices, mango and some chia seeds plus a tiny drizzle of agave on top.

You've heard me mention that perfect combination of oats, pineapple and coconut before, and this was what I call our delicious piña colada porridge. If you're subscribed to our newsletter this was our bonus recipe a couple of months back. It's tropical, so refreshing and good for you.

Our favorite lunches

If you thought I'm always making elaborate vegan dishes in my kitchen you're so wrong! I LOVE simple and easy cooking as much as the next person. Recently I've been obsessed with making a simple sauté of peppers, onions, mushrooms and quinoa with a little tamari soy sauce, lemon juice and pepper. This time I served it with some hummus on top and a side salad of mixed greens with a little pumpkin seed oil and balsamic. Pumpkin seed oil is amazing for your hair and skin because of its high zinc content, as well as for men's hormonal and prostate health.

We had an amazing vegan barbecue in our terrace yesterday. The dogs love hanging out outside, we play some tunes and the best thing ever: Carlos does the cooking! The only thing I do is make my famous baked tofu (if you're a member of My Brownble you can find this recipe in your staples section) and the guacamole. We had grilled corn on the cob, crispy baked tofu with barbecue sauce, grilled smoky onions, tamari marinated shiitakes, grilled asparagus and peppers. It was perfect!

Our favorite dinners

On Friday night we went out for amazing vegan grub at Rayen Vegano. Carlos had their trio of burgers on beet bread.

I had their seitan steak with grilled polenta, baked apples and mushroom gravy. So hearty and "stick to your ribs" good. We also had their lemon blackberry cheesecake for dessert.

On Saturday night (I'm just realizing we had a jam packed weekend!), our friends Any and David came over to our house for dinner. I made these stuffed filo triangles with a portobello, onion and cream cheese filling that were unbelievably crispy. These were served with a dipping sauce on the side. I highly encourage you to start experimenting with filo dough. It's so easy to handle and use and it can completely elevate any dish you make to new heights.

The star of the show however was this creamy vegan cheese fondue which I served with some rustic bread, roasted potatoes with truffle oil and vegan chorizo for dipping. I can't even tell you how good it was. 

This week's "oh so sweet" treat

After all that naughty goodness we still had dessert, and this one was a total request from our guests who are obsessed with cinnamon rolls! You can watch the video and find the recipe for these here

Don't forget to share this post with anyone who is wondering about what goodies you can eat as a vegan and I'll see you in our next post!

What delicious plant based meals did you have this week? Leave them in the comments below!