Vegan Travel: A Conversation with Wendy Werneth on Traveling as a Vegan

It's a special day at Brownble today. We've got our party shoes on, champagne is out, we're doin' a little dance around our coffee table... why? Because we have a very special guest today! You've met her before if you've made our delicious oat coconut cranberry bars, none other than the incredible Wendy Werneth from

Just in case you haven't met her before, she's basically the top vegan travel blogger around, and I'm incredibly lucky to call her a friend, not to mention a source of inspiration for being adventurous and exploring this beautiful planet of ours. Every time I'm on her site I feel like packing a bag, grabbing her e-book on the way out the door and heading out to explore a new destination.

Wendy has dedicated her life to traveling the world as a vegan and doing all the research so you don't have to. She gives you the complete lowdown on what to eat, where to go, how to ask for it in the local language, but especially, and this is why I love her, she's not a "hunt down any vegan option that's available" kind of gal. She's a complete "get down and jiggy with the local culture and traditional foods" kind of gal. I love getting to know the local and traditional foods when I travel and really get a feel for the place and the people, and that's exactly what Wendy helps you do. She goes knee deep into the local cuisine and does all the homework for you, so you can go to Greece and dine on traditional skordalia, dolmades and fava like the best of them, or wherever your heart desires.

Wendy has been featured in Our Hen House, The Flaming Vegan, Vegan Food and Living, Vegan Food Quest and many others, and has recently teamed up with to bring you the greatest resource, a FREE e-book that will help you travel the globe as a vegan with ease titled "9 Steps for Easy Vegan Travel".

We were so excited when she and her husband Nick stopped by our set for some delicious plant-based cooking, but especially because she let us pick her brain and chat with her a bit. Of course we're sharing the whole conversation with you in the video below! You'll get some great tips and insights into vegan travel and her work. Did I mention she has visited 98 countries? You heard me! 

Enjoy the video and conversation with Wendy and start dusting off that suitcase!

You can listen to the extended version of our interview in the audio player at the top of this post or in our brand new podcast on iTunes and Stitcher (just search for Brownble in your podcatcher of choice!). You can also find more about Wendy at where you can also download her FREE e-book, and don't forget to follow her on social media!

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Some behind the scenes pics!

Thank you Wendy for being such a rockstar traveller and sharing all your tips, wisdom and amazing experiences with us! We can't wait to have you back!

I hope you enjoyed this video with The Nomadic Vegan! Please help us spread the word of her amazing work by sharing this post using the buttons below, and feel free to ask her any vegan travel questions! She'll be hanging out in the comments with us, and I'm getting them started because I have a ton of questions...