One of the Best Fruits to Quickly Sweeten Up a Green Smoothie (and it ain't Banana!)

You know me and my green smoothies. I have a sweet, loving, daily relationship with them. The kind that makes you run to the store when you see the spinach is low, or the kale is gone. Don't even get me started on someone eating the last banana. 

I am however very strict on what a delicious smoothie should be like. Green smoothies that taste like recently mowed lawn... well that shizzle just ain't gonna fly! I like mine sweet, probably because we're all secretly fooling ourselves when we ignore the fact that smoothies are basically adult milkshakes. Right?! 

Don't get me wrong though, to me they're simply a vessel for getting as many greens into my body as is humanly possible. Remember we should be aiming for a minimum of 3 full sized servings of greens a day. A green smoothie is the perfect way to get one of those servings into your body at breakfast or snack time. Smoothies are also a great way to add a little extra plant-based protein to your day, especially if you have a high level of physical activity. 

So if they're a healthy vessel, not just a treat, is there a way to add healthy, whole food sweetness to the mix? Why yes there is! It comes in the form of one of the most basic fruits on the planet, and we're telling you exactly what that is in the video below!

I love to keep them on the counter and wait for them to be perfectly ripe. Then I just cut a little cheek and add it to my smoothie, leaving the rest in the fridge for the following days. It makes smoothies sweet and so delicious!

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