January Vlog: A Vegan Birthday and Going Vegan

Happy vegan birthday to me! On January 17th, the day I filmed this vlog, I was celebrating yet another year of being vegan. So much has changed since that first day, and many of you have been along for the ride almost from the beginning if you were readers of my previous blog. 

Being vegan has been such a special experience for me, it has been one of my greatest teachers, and just when I think it's taken me where it had to take me, I turn a corner and get a surprise. I learn more and more each day about cooking, nutrition, about leaving perfectionism behind, about my relationship with food, but mostly it has taught me how to be myself, without apologies and with the highest sense of confidence. Turns out being vegan is SO NOT about the food!

Well... it's a little bit about the food, but it's so much more than just recipes and what to eat when you're at a dinner party in someone's house. 

I love picking these little time markers, celebrating them, and using them as a steady rock from which to look back and see what the road has been like. This year, without even realizing it, we had scheduled a video shoot precisely on that day, and as soon as I realized it, I knew I had to take a break from filming, shoot this little vlog, and celebrate the day with you. 

Enjoy this little January Vlog!


Here's the link to the blog post on Tips for New Vegans, in which I give you my favorite tips to help you go vegan and rock at it. 

Thanks for watching everyone!

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In and out of the kitchen. 

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