Getting Enough Iron as a Vegan

Second only to protein, iron is the nutrient we get the most questions about. People are concerned that you can't get enough of this nutrient as a vegan, they wonder what some of the top sources of iron in plant-based foods are, and how to get enough iron as a vegan. Especially pre-menopausal women have shared how they've struggled with maintaining their iron levels, many mention fatigue and getting sick often as vegans (a common symptom of iron deficiency), so we decided to finally make a video dedicated to iron, iron absorption and iron rich vegan foods.

When it comes to iron, there is so much to say. For instance, did you know that plant-based foods are among the highest sources of iron, especially grains and legumes? Did you know that the iron found in meat and the iron found in plants is slightly different? Did you know that as vegans we have a higher iron requirement than non-vegans?

Wait... what? (Insert record scratching sound effect here!).

Yup! All of this is true and we're discussing it all, and answering your iron questions in today's video, along with lists of iron rich vegan foods, and the magic little rule that might make all the difference in your iron absorption as a vegan.

Let's talk about iron shall we?

Here's the link to our plant based sources of protein video!

Thanks so much for watching you guys! If you have any questions make sure to leave them in the comments below, and don't forget to share this video so we can help bust some myths when it comes to nutrition in vegan diets.