What I Eat in a Day, Weekday Edition!

Time for another little vlog! Yes I get to show you what I eat in a day, and yes, of course the dogs make their regular appearance! I recently showed you what I eat in a typical Saturday here, but a lot of you have asked me how I get organized with my meals during the week, when we're busier, our schedules are tighter and we don't have a lot of time for cooking.

When it comes to meals throughout the week, I always recommend that you start getting into the habit of batch cooking some staples. If you're a member of our online program you know how important this is when it comes to getting organized and saving time during the week. By batch cooking I don't mean cooking a month's worth of food, I mean just having some ready-made staples that you can use to assemble quick meals throughout the week. It can be as simple as cooking some quinoa, roasting some veggies and cooking up some beans.

Meal prepping and organization aside, some of you often ask me how I choose my meals, whether or not I snack, how often, how much. The truth is this can change day by day, since the only rule I have when it comes to eating is listening to what my body wants, eating lots of delicious and filling foods, and eating when I'm hungry and stopping when I'm full. This means that sometimes I have a very light lunch and I'm hungrier mid-afternoon, so I love making something filling for a snack. Other days I have a full meal and snacking is smaller or it sometimes doesn't make an appearance at all! It all depends on how I'm feeling and how hungry I am on any particular day, and aside from getting lots of healthy plant-based goodies that will fuel my body, I always ask myself this question: "What do I feel like eating today?". This has helped me so much in finding balance with food and learning how to tune into my hunger and fullness signals because satisfaction and enjoying the foods you eat is so important! We'll be discussing the importance of pleasure and satisfying your taste buds in our podcast episode this week, so for now, let's get to today's video so you can get plenty of ideas for vegan meal that are quick to assemble and make for the week.


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