Vlog: Behind the Scenes of our FREE Vegan Breakfast and Brunch Classics Course!


As you've probably heard by now, we've created a brand new (and FREE!) online course, in which I teach you how to make breakfast and brunch classics, all in their vegan versions. This was a totally new and exciting adventure for us since it was the first individual course outside of our big kahuna, the online program.

This meant so many new challenges, a whole lot of getting organized, lots of recipe testing and so much we weren't even expecting, that we decided to make a little video showing you some behind the scenes action, of what goes on backstage at Brownble. 

Yup! This is the making of our latest course, and what inspires us to keep doing what we're doing.

Yes, the dogs make several special appearances and yet again they managed to convince Carlos to include them in the editing of this video. What can you do?!

I hope you love taking a look behind the scenes with us, and that you're already enjoying our brand new free course!


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