A Full Lesson of The Roadmap Revealed! Veganism and Zoos, Circuses, Aquariums and Other Forms of Animal Entertainment

Veganism and Going to Zoos, Aquariums, Circuses and Other forms of Animals for Entertainment: A full lesson of the vegan online course The Roadmap, revealed!

Boy am I excited to share our latest sneak peek of our upcoming course “The Roadmap” with you. This project that we’ve poured our heart into for the past year is going live this fall (2018), and it’s the most comprehensive online course to help you go vegan or make more vegan choices. We couldn’t be more proud of it, and sometimes I still need to pinch myself to believe it’s true that in just a few weeks it will be all out there for the world to see.

This course covers everything from finding that internal motivation, to the practical side of things, how to shop, how to cook, how to stay on budget, how to love all your social engagements and eat deliciously, while dealing with all the social aspects of going vegan, including how to share your life with a non-vegan. It has seasonal and special occasion menu ideas, so many recipes, we cover all the basics of nutrition and how to build your meals, veganism for pregnancy, raising vegan kids and vegans with special needs, what supplements should vegans take and so much more, it’s kind of nutty!

One of the topics we discuss in the course is other ways in which we can make changes for animals, even if we’re not vegan yet or never plan to be. One of those, in my opinion the easiest one to implement, is avoiding activities that use animals in entertainment, and opting for similar ones that truly respect animals.

Today we’re sharing a full lesson from the course, the introduction lesson of our animals in entertainment module, and it’s meant to give you a little glimpse of what’s coming, but also, it’s meant to inspire you to see our relationship to animals in a different light.

I hope you love it…


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