Mini Q & A!: Thoughts on Whole Foods vs Processed Foods, and Vegan Companies Owned by Non-Vegan Ones

Vegan Q & A!: Vegan diets, whole foods vs processed foods, vegan products from non vegan companies & more

We haven’t had a Q&A episode in such a long time! Our last one was to celebrate our 100th episode in The Brownble Podcast (part 1 and part 2), and since you’ve sent me so many questions I’d thought I’d settle down in front of the mic and answer them as best as I can, sharing any additional resources that might help you on your journey.

Since I love having Q&A’s that are as fluid, casual and friendly as a fun conversation with a friend, today we won’t be having the traditional written version of this episode, but I invite you to grab a cup of coffee, get comfy on the couch and listen in.

I’ll be answering a very popular question I see come up again and again in vegan circles: Should we be buying vegan products from brands that aren’t vegan, or from companies that have been bought by non-vegan companies? I’ll also discuss a question one of our darling Sams sent our way, which is related to whole foods vs. processed foods, and some of the specific vegan dietary trends or philosophies that restrict veganism further than excluding meat dairy and eggs.

It’s going to be fun, casual and filled with helpful tips and perspectives so listen in by clicking that play button above or on Apple podcasts or Stitcher.


Links mentioned in today’s episode

The book Vegan for Her by Virginia Messina and JL Fields

The book Vegan for Life by Virginia Messina and Jack Norris

The Plant Plate (a visual guide to building vegan meals)

Taylor Wolfram RD and her website Whole Green Wellness

The book Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elysse Resch

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