Mini Q & A!: Feeling Sleepy, Tired, or Simply not Feeling your Best after Going Vegan

What to expect when you go vegan | Feeling tired or sleepy or having discomfort after going vegan | Brownble

This week we have another mini Q&A episode for you. As we’ve done previously, this is meant as a quick resource to answer one or two of the questions you send our way, to hopefully give you some inspiration, motivation and to guide you to the experts in the fields you might need help with. In a way, we’re clearing the clutter and giving you a much simpler take on the situations we go through, whether it’s with improving our relationship with food and our bodies, or going vegan, cooking delicious vegan meals or making more vegan choices.

Today I answer two listener questions regarding that initial transition to eating a vegan diet, and how sometimes we don’t feel our best and we’re not sure what to tweak or how to fill our plates. As usual, I give you our take on some of these issues, and I guide you to some of the very responsible pros and resources that can help you in regards to vegan nutrition. As I’ve said many times before, sometimes the problem relies not on the diet itself, but on our own way of approaching this change, it usually relies on something that isn’t often talked about in vegan circles, the role that too much restriction and a focus on “eating perfectly” can play, and how it can do much more harm than good.

Tune into the conversation by hitting that play button above or by listening through Apple Podcasts or Stitcher and then you can check out all the resources mentioned in this week’s episode through the links below.

Grab a cup of coffee and listen in! Let us know if you have any questions by leaving them below in the comments or shooting us a little message here.

Links mentioned in today’s episode:

The book Vegan for Her by Virginia Messina and JL Fields

The book Vegan for Life by Virginia Messina and Jack Norris

The Plant Plate (a visual guide to building vegan meals)

Taylor Wolfram RD and her website Whole Green Wellness

The book Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elysse Resch

Our past episode and post on the common side effects you might experience when going vegan

Our past episode and post on dealing with difficult emotions, sadness, anxiety or depression after going vegan

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