Not So Mini Q & A!: Cooking for your Non-Vegan Partner, Weight Loss Monitoring & My Journey Healing Gastritis

Listener and reader questions: Cooking for your Non-vegan partner, weight loss monitoring and my journey healing gastritis | Brownble

Hey there! We’re back today for another Q & A episode! You’ve been loving this series of episodes where I answer some of our listener and reader questions in a brief format. They’re meant as inspiration to help you on your journey, and they’re a wonderful excuse to guide you to some of the tools and resources that have helped me and so many others.

Today I answer a question on the monitoring of weight loss and whether I believe it’s a good idea or not to track changes in weight. I also answer a listener question about my journey healing chronic gastritis, and I discuss what is one of our most frequently asked questions in the podcast and blog: how to cook for your non-vegan partner and keep the peace at home while also dealing with your feelings when it comes to cooking animal products.

So much to discuss with these three wonderful questions, and as always, you can click the play button above to hear my answers, or listen to the Brownble Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or wherever you listen to podcasts. Let’s get to it shall we?

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