Hi everyone! Although you've seen us talking about this constantly on social media these past few weeks, I'm so excited to get a chance to sit down with you in this space and tell you all about our current Brownble Gives Back donation recipient, which is non other than the amazing 501(c)3 non-profit Vegan Outreach. As you know, Brownble donates a part of the proceeds from our vegan online program My Brownble to a different non-profit organization every month. We firmly believe in the power of spreading the love and paying it forward, so if you've joined My Brownble, know that you are making such a huge difference in the world.

For years, vegan outreach has been educating the public about veganism, making this amazing lifestyle change and how to do it, and especially helping people understand what is really going on behind our food industry. You've heard me say this countless times before, my only regret when it comes to being vegan is that I didn't do it sooner. I didn't do it sooner because I simply had no idea that these issues are going on whether we are aware of them or not. What a different world we would have if these issues were transparent and out for everyone to see. We could make up our minds, make an educated choice, and trust me, 90% of people would. Well, the best way for me to describe vegan outreach to you is that they are that little army of vegan warriors that are hitting college campuses and other institutions daily, spreading the word and shining a light on these important issues.

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