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Stuck in a Rut: Adding Variety to your Cooking, Exercise Habits and Life

When I was planning out this post, I first thought there would be lots of head scratching if I told you about my relationship with routine. Then I thought that there are probably many of you out there who might read about my two sided dilemma and say "yup! That sounds about right!", so let me paint a picture for you. I love and I mean LOVE having a steady routine I can depend on. I thrive on knowing what the next day awaits, and I love those great comfy feelings I get when I know which days I have time scheduled for going to the farmer's market, or to the movies, or when a hike is coming so I can spend quality time with my dogs and my husband. I love being able to plan things out and having a written schedule really helps me focus and get things done. I love the calm that comes with knowing where life is at the moment and where it's going, and I stick to my people for life. In a way, I find that sticking to what I know and what feels comfortable is right up my alley. I am however, also very prone to get extremely moody and feel overwhelmed when I've had the same exact routine or structure for too long. I start to fret, begin feeling anxious and less energized in the morning upon waking, and I find my mind wandering, I feel unfocused and uneasy. It took me years until I finally understood what was going on, I was stuck in a rut and I needed a boost of variety to bring me back to normal. Knowing that I could get a little bag of tools I could whip out at any time gave me the biggest sense of relief, and that's what I'm going to share with you today.

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The Yum Factor: Small Additions to Make your Plant Based Meals More Satisfying through the Wonder of Umami

If you're a fan of this blog, our online program or our videos, I think by now I've convinced you that this idea some people have that vegan food is boring, bland or would come in second place to meat centered diets in a vegan key lime pie eating contest, are just completely false. It's false because any flavor profile you used to love, any dish that was an old time family favorite, they can all be made in their vegan version and be utterly scrumptious. All you need is a good recipe and to start experimenting a bit.

What happens however, with those daily meals, the ones we don't really want to fuss over? The ones we need to get on the table quickly and with which we can't spend a whole lot of time, let alone measure out 10 different ingredients.

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