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Happy Birthday to Me! Birthday Memories and the #1 Lesson Learned this Past Year

Happy April 5th everybody! It's the day that marks the anniversary in which against all odds my mom was rushed to the hospital over a month early because I just had to come out! I was destined to be an early morning riser, and the fact that I was born a little before 6 am marked so many of my birthdays moving forward. Every year, I would set my alarm a little before six, at the exact minute I had made my appearance the year I was born. I would rush to the door, and the same thing would always be waiting for me. My mom had woken up even earlier to make me a birthday cart. Not a birthday card (although there were several of those too), but a birthday cart. We had this little table that had four wheels that we used for when we were having our dinner and a movie nights, or that we used whenever we decided to make a jigsaw puzzle for overachievers and the thing was hanging around there for months. On this little table, in the wee hours of the morning, my mom would arrange all of my favorite things. Birthday cards with cute messages from her, balloons, flowers, cake of course, and all my favorite foods.

The fact that it was breakfast time didn't matter, she would fill it with what at that time (in my pre-vegan days) I would have eaten my weight of, things like apple strudel or apple pastries, cheese puff pastries, smoked salmon, bagels, pickles, slim Jims, strawberry tarts, deli meats. and even sushi! Yup! Weird, but fun birthday breakfast every single year.

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Birthday fondue and new surprises

If you read the blog last week you probably heard that we released a new section of our online program in celebration of my birthday! Yup! I got another year older and wiser last week, and with that came amazing food! I didn't have a big celebration this year because I've had so much on my plate lately. I wanted to simply relax at home with my hubby, the dogs and a good movie (and good food!). You'll get to see all those goodies below. The week was full of healthy treats too, and the weekend was extra special. Carlos and I have a little something up our sleeves that we'll be releasing soon, and let me just say that it took plenty of blood sweat and even a few tears on my part, since I'm going to be sharing something really personal with all of you soon. I'm so excited to show this to you, and Carlos is right here next to me editing non-stop as I write this. Brownble is growing and growing and I couldn't wish for a better way to start this new year of my life. It's all thanks to you. Ok, let's get to the grub!

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Welcome back to our little Monday series From our Kitchen Table! This is one of our weekly dates here in the blog in which I get to show you the highlights of the vegan goodies we've eaten in the past week, in the hopes that they inspire some of your meals at home, give you ideas and insights into how to build a balanced vegan plate, what our portions look like and all the wonderful things you can make with just plants! This week we have another special edition since it was Carlos's birthday last week, and we celebrated big time with a little party at our house. I think I haven't spent this much time in the kitchen in a long time and I'm always in there! It was so nice to spend this time with friends, and in spite of the fact that I went nutty with the amount of food I was serving, there was practically nothing left by the end of the night! I love it when that happens. Most of the recipes I made for the party are part of our online membership program, which you can join for less than 40 cents per day and have access to over 11o videos with more and more coming every single week! Click here to learn more about the features of our program and start your free trial today.

Let's get to the grub! We're tackling our favorites from the past week and then I'm giving you a total inside look into our little birthday shindig! 

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