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If any of you visited our website yesterday morning you probably saw a little announcement that said something like: "Something BIG is about to happen". If you logged in last night, you probably already noticed that everything looked completely different! That's because, we gave Brownble a total makeover! We gave it a complete new look, easier menus and pages to browse, faster loading time and my favorite thing: direct access to all our posts right from the homepage! We felt giddy with excitement yesterday because the new design feels much more like us and I find it so soothing and welcoming. You can also enjoy our new side bar (yay!) where you can easily join our newsletter, follow us on social media, find popular posts, join My Brownble or search for your favorite categories in the blog to find the posts you're looking for. It's also easier than ever before for you to share our content in your social media accounts with a simple click of a button at the top or bottom of each post! Wait for it...

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