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I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying writing these episodes in which we’re using little one word mantras to discuss a topic that will inspire and motivate us. Every time I sit down to write a post and episode I get pulled in a million directions, noticing how a simple word can have such a powerful and strong meaning depending on what angle the spotlight hits it. One of these little words that has a powerful meaning for me is “change”. Change can be seen from so many perspectives. From the desire and strength we have when creating changes in our lives (whether that’s quitting smoking, quitting a toxic relationship, changing the way we eat, incorporating more movement throughout the day, etc.), to looking back with insightful eyes at the things we’ve changed and the people we’ve become.

We can look at change from the perspective of what it will take to create it in the world we live in. We can see it happening in children with growth spurts in just weeks. We can see it through the eyes of that “always 20 year old on the inside” staring into the mirror through wrinkled eyes that mark the passing of time. We can see it by looking at the wonderful advances in technology, in societal points of view on social justice issues, and also the long journey ahead to change things even more, for the better.

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Boy do I have a lot of things to tell you today. I've had THE most intense 2 weeks since starting Brownble. Why? It all started innocently enough with filming some great little surprises we have in store for you, and it then ended up in a complete tech crisis with the biggest silver lining EVER. It got me thinking about the way we approach problems. They arrive and we try so hard to put everything back the way it was. We almost go crazy with all that resistance to change, and we knock our heads against the wall wondering how we can quickly fix it, completely skipping over the beauty of challenges and pebbles in the road. They are there for a reason, and they are powerful catalysts for change. I'm going to quote one of my idols and my business mentor Marie Forleo and her motto: "Everything is figure-outable". This has become our mantra lately, since starting this blog and our online program has made us into techs, programmers, video editing and sound geeks, entrepreneurs, tax and business lunatics, when in reality we're a vegan cook and a doctor with a very big dream to help people. Boy have we had to channel this feeling that, yes, sometimes we just need to head down into what we like to call "The Brownble Bunker" (more a state of mind than an actual bunker), and figure things out.

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