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We've got two delicious and super healthy recipes for you today! If you committed to eating more whole plant based foods this January with us, let me just say you're doing great! Today we're giving our members two new videos to continue on this journey, starting with the most tropical and refreshing piña colada smoothie. I love having plant protein rich smoothies at the end of my workouts to fill my body up with goodness and refuel, and this one is definitely one of my favorites and it's so quick to make.

The second video we have for members this week is one of Carlos's favorites as it includes one of his favorite foods on this planet: mushrooms! Mushrooms provide countless health benefits, a delicious meaty texture, and the very ellusive umami flavor which has been proven to really satisfy cravings. Here's why I like them though, they're perfect for stuffing with even more deliciousness! These quinoa stuffed mushrooms are filled with the most flavorful veggies and herbs, and everything is drizzled with a creamy lemony tahini sauce. You won't believe how yummy these are, and perfect if you're trying to have a protein rich meal without too many added starches.

Here's a little sneak peek before we get to them!

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Avocado Chocolate Pudding with a Pecan Coconut Crumble

This recipe has four of my absolute favorite things, chocolate, avocado, pecans and coconut. When trying to make healthy versions of traditional desserts, you really want something that's good to your body, but that also has great flavor and texture. This quick dessert does exactly that. You wouldn't believe that even though this recipe is refined sugar free, gluten free and oil free, that it is as decadent and delicious as it is. It seriously packs a chocolate punch and will satisfy any sweet or chocolatey craving you might have with whole plant based foods that are packed with nutrients. What could be better?! Oh yeah... this dessert is also raw which means there's no cooking involved!

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