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Something really exciting is happening today in our online program My Brownble. Not only are we cooking up this delicious recipe for seitan satay made completely from scratch with a coconut and peanut sauce, but this was actually a personal request by one of our members. You guessed it! Amy asked us to create a recipe for seitan satay and as usual we delivered. That's one of the great things about having an ongoing program with new content added weekly. I love to get special requests and we worked so hard on this one in its recipe testing stage, that I honestly believe it's one of the best recipes on the site. You can thank Amy for that!

Making seitan from scratch is well worth it, since you can really infuse a ton of flavor into it. You can't even compare it to the store-bought kind. Today we're teaching you how to make it using my favorite technique: braising, and in combination with the veggies and especially the rockin' sauce that goes with it, this really is the perfect, meaty, Asian treat. Plus it's vegan meaty goodness on a stick and that's just plain fun.

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