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Coco-Choco Halloween Truffles!: Spiders, Mini Bats and Monster Eyeballs

Halloween was a BIG deal at my house growing up. My mom would throw the most famous Halloween parties in our building, and all the kids from my class and the neighbours would attend. We would cover the house in cobwebs, have spooky treats, and my mom would sneak off at just the right moment, change into a very scary witch (to the point of being unrecognizable), and would then read the kids' fortunes. All of which were eerily accurate since she had called all their parents a week before, to ask about what was going on in their lives.

Needless to say, I love Halloween! The best part being the candy overdose of course, and the costumes. 

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Fall French Toast With a Cinnamon, Maple and Apple Topping

We always spend so much time getting ready for big holiday meals. We plan our decor, get some pretty centerpieces for the table, plan our main course and go slightly overboard on the sides and appetizers, we bake pies and even cookies for a post-meal coffee or tea, but we hardly ever think of what special treat we're going to serve when we wake up the next day! This is one of those recipes that will have you drooling while you chit chat with family about the night before, or get started on those stockings.

This recipe for yummy vegan french toast is so easy, and we're kicking it up a notch by adding a very fancy topping that really takes only 5 minutes to prepare (hey! no one will know!). You'll need extra maple syrup of course and a pat of non-dairy butter too.

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Stuffed Pumpkins with a Sage, Bulgur, Fall Filling and a Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Let's agree on one thing, all veggies are beautiful but the pumpkin kind of wins the lottery when it comes to how festive and pretty it can make a plate. These mini stuffed pumpkins make the most beautiful centerpieces for a holiday dish and we love serving them for Halloween, Thanksgiving and even Christmas. The colors just pop, and people love cutting into their own little pumpkin. It's also quite stunning to serve a big pumpkin at the center of the table with all of the filling, and ceremoniously serve everyone from it. Whatever you choose, the sweet and creamy pumpkin contrasts beautifully with what we're stuffing it with.

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