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The Fun Factor: Small Additions for Making your Meals a Total Treat

Two weeks ago we published our post and podcast episode on umami or what I call the "yum" factor. Adding ingredients with certain flavor profiles that can completely elevate the yumminess and heartiness of a dish to new heights, was one of my tips for adding that "yum". Today however, we're talking about another little factor that can really make a difference in your eating, your cooking, and especially in your enjoyment of food. Nowadays there's no lack of posts and articles that all seem to focus on the nitty gritty details of what you should and shouldn't eat on a vegan diet, what I call sub-vegan diets, an intense focus on superfoods, nutrient boosting powders, etc. Food, at least online, is becoming more of a science experiment than the beautiful art form that it is, and since I'm all about going back to basics in the kitchen, I think we need to talk about the love of food and being able to find joy in the process of cooking and eating again.

Hence, the fun factor.

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