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Brownble's Guide to Smoothies

Let's face it, smoothies are in because we've finally found a way to make adult milkshakes and have them any time of day. For some it's an excuse to have a post workout boost of nutrition, for others it's the ideal meal on the go. For some of us smoothies are all about piling on the veggies to make sure we're getting plenty of greens and other nutrients throughout the day. For me though, although many of these reasons play a part, I love the silky smooth texture, combined with its really cold temperature, and of course, having something sweet yet nutritious. 

Smoothies rock!

If you're like me though, you've settled on one or two that you really love and keep making them over and over again. Today's post and episode is all about mixing things up.

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We promised to make January our tribute to health month and base our meals on wonderful whole plant foods that nourish us, so when it was time to choose the first video for members for 2016, it had to be the perfect green smoothie.

Smoothies are basically 5 minute creamy and scrumptious meals in a glass, and if you get really creative you can pack more of a nutrient punch than you would in a traditional meal! They are truly wonderful, especially as a recovery meal after a long workout or as a meal to take on the go on busy days when you don't have time to make breakfast.

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