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Vegan Barbecue Series: Vegetables, Sides and Salads

If you read or listened to last week's post or episode you know we're right in the middle of our delicious vegan barbecue series, in which I get to teach you some of my favorite plant-based goodies to pop on that grill this summer. Last week we covered vegan meats and marinades, and today it's time for some of my grilling favorites. Those barbecue sides, those perfectly charred veggies and the salads that will round out grilling season. Sides are a thing of beauty and we all know it. Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are the perfect proof of that. Sure, we might have loved these holiday gatherings because of the big roast (which of course you can make vegan) at the center of the table, but usually when I ask people what their favorite part of their family's Thanksgiving was, they all mention their grandma's mashed potatoes or their dad's famous sweet potato casserole. Deep down, we're all side dish junkies. Grilling season is the perfect excuse to indulge in such a vice.

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Mini recipe for the perfect eggplant side dish, how to make quick pickled onions and a burger date with friends

Happy Monday everyone! This week was filled with delicious goodies and a little "spring cleaning" at our house. Yes, we always do our spring cleaning in January to start the year off clutter free. I'm always amazed as to how much of a difference putting things in order makes in my cooking and eating habits. We actually gave our kitchen a total makeover and built a sort of open pantry where all our staples are visible and organized. I can't tell you what a difference this made! I promise I'll have pics for you soon (as well as a little surprise for your kitchen!). Ok, so on to the highlights of what we ate this week in the hopes that it inspires you to create some plant-based dishes of your own! I'm including the steps to make two of my favorite little additions to our meals this week.

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