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One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is what do you eat on a daily basis as a vegan. For me it's a no brainer since I actually have more variety in my diet now than before I was vegan, but I completely understand how this can be a complete mystery to someone eating a standard meat centered diet. I can understand it because I was once that person that thought all vegetarians and vegans ate were beans and rice. Breakfast especially can seem daunting if you are anything like I was, a bacon and egg breakfast eater all the way. Today I'm de-mystifying vegan breakfasts for you, and trust me it's quite possibly the easiest meal to veganize with just a couple of adjustments. It's also a meal in which you'll get to eat vegan versions of your favorites more than you ever thought possible.

If you follow our weekly Monday blog posts From our Kitchen Table, it's likely that you already have a ton of breakfast ideas under your belt. Every week I share what we've been eating the week before in the hopes that it will inspire your cooking, but today I'm giving you 14 amazing breakfast ideas that are healthy, filling and simply delicious, two to choose from for every day of the week!

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No Knead Irish Soda Bread

My mother used to say that whenever you had something that was keeping you up at night or making you sad, there was one magic remedy and that was making homemade bread. As with almost everything my mama was right. There's nothing like creating your own bread at home.  Starting with a bag of flour and turning it into breakfast. Plus you get that extra heart warming feeling of having your home smell like a wonderful bakery.

The process of making bread usually involves developing the yeast in warm water with a bit of sugar, preparing your bread dough, kneading it and then letting it rise, sometimes twice and for one or two hours. Suffice it to say it's a long but beautiful process. Today however, we're sharing this amazing recipe for a no knead, no rise Irish soda bread! Plus we're adding 

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Homemade Irish soda bread, making sausages from scratch and delicious sweet treats

Just as we do every Monday in our "From our Kitchen Table" series, here are our favorite dishes from what we cooked and ate this past week. It was such a busy week here at Brownble, and it was all about testing recipes of staples made completely at home. As part of our membership program at Brownble we include...

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