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Brownble's got a Podcast! + Weekly Goodies from our Kitchen Table

This week was a big one around here. If you were spending some time on social media on Sunday, you probably already know that your Brownble posts are up on iTunes as a brand new vegan podcast! We're squealing of excitement. This was a natural progression from what we had been doing, which was adding the audio versions of each blog post so you could sit back and relax while you heard me on your headphones, or you could download them and wash dishes, walk the dogs, drive to work. I know what it's like to be so busy that no matter how much you'd like to sit down and read a post you just can't do it!

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What Polar Bears and Jigsaw Puzzles can Teach us about Mindful Eating

This morning as I was doing my daily walking meditation with the dogs (with an amazing podcast called the Daily Meditation Podcast), the little intro the episode started with was talking about two great behavioral studies that can teach you a lot of about having your mind in constant overdrive and multitasking like we were back in the 90's.

This is a topic that really gets my attention because you wouldn't believe the hundreds of things I have on my plate every single day. I'm constantly on turbo, then I come crashing down, so I'm always on the hunt for great tools to help me keep things in balance. I know you're not an exception to this either. You're so busy and have so much on your plate that it's hard to be able to enjoy anything sometimes.

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The Art of Slowing Down and Why I Fail at this Miserably!

Oh boy, very few weeks of my life have been as intense as this past one, you probably already know why if you've read our last post about the HUGE surprise we had for all of our members and our email subscribers (members, remember to check your email for those special instructions on how to make the move to the new My Brownble platform!), AND so much more is coming! We have a big surprise coming soon for all of you that I'm very excited about, and we have another surprise starting today! You probably already saw it as soon as you clicked on this post, and it's the fact that you can now listen to our blog posts on the go! That's right! You can either read it as usual or listen to the audio recording of it (with my sweet mouse-like voice as my hubby likes to call it!). You can either stream the audio right above here with the audio player, or you can download it, save it on your phone and listen while you're on a long commute, at the gym, walking the dogs or doing laundry! Let me know if you like this new feature! We're starting today but we're backtracking and soon you'll have it in all of our major blog posts. 

All of these super cool new things that have been going on around here meant I was a busy bee all week and needed some serious R&R this weekend.

Here's the problem when you do something you love, and especially when it's online based (a.k.a. your office is everywhere). IT'S SO HARD TO STOP! 

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